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Technical Engineering Topic Webinars & Seminars

November 2023

Power System Support From Photovoltaic Systems

Authentication for Remote Critical Infrastructure (IT/OT) Assets

October 2023

Study on Microstructure Characteristics of Steel in Two-Body Abrasive Wear

Low Voltage Design: Maximum Demand

Getting Job-Ready with AI – An Engineering Focus

Low Voltage Design: Coordinating With Others

HVAC System Sizing Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

September 2023

Low Voltage Design: Electrical Design Process

Introduction to Power Distribution

Little Penguin Wing for the Application in Micro Aerial Vehicles

Introduction to Subsea Technology

August 2023

Transforming Engineering With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

OpenFOAM: The Open Source CFD Alternative

Construction Materials Trends and Testing – Revised

July 2023

Introduction to Electrical Safety Laws and AS/NZS 3000

Learning Journeys and Career Progression

Data-Centric Evolving Power Grid (repeat)

EIT Seminar (live and online) from Johannesburg

June 2023

Intellectual Property in Engineering

Emerging New Technologies in Accident/Incident Investigation

May 2023

Resistance Spot Welding and Multi-Material Automotive Design

Electrical Power System Fundamentals for Non-Electrical Engineers

Composite Materials in Construction

April 2023

Basics of Process Control and Loop Tuning (repeat)

Low Voltage Switchboard Design and Construction Verification

Computational Simulations of Wind Flow Patterns Around Buildings

March 2023

Effects of Harmonics on Distribution Transformer Efficiency

The Importance of Accident/Incident Investigation in the Workplace

Footing Design of Industrial Structures in LNG Plants

February 2023

Data-Centric Evolving Power Grid

Introduction to Hazardous Areas and HA Classification (repeat)

January 2023

Heat Transfer Applications in Engineering

Introduction to Electrical Measurement

Renewable Energy Based Distributed Generation System

December 2022

Greener and Better Concrete With Supplementary Materials

November 2022

Fatigue Design, Verification and Validation of Mechanical Equipment

Finite Element Analysis Using Open Source Software

Construction Materials Trends and Testing

October 2022

Basics of Process Control and Loop Tuning

CFD Simulations of Shock Patterns Downstream of a Rocket Nozzle
Date: 05/10/2022

August 2022

Hydrogen Production, Storage and Application for a Sustainable Future
Date: 24/08/2022

Grid Friendly Photovoltaic Systems
Date: 18/08/2022

CFD Simulations of Supersonic Intake Ducts
Date: 10/08/2022

Protection/Technical Issues When Implementing Renewables and Alternatives
Date: 03/08/2022

July 2022

The Importance of Systemic View in Accident/Incident Investigation
Date: 28/07/2022

Using Gaming Technology to Improve Industrial Digital Twins
Date: 21/07/2022

Advances in Railway Safety
Date: 14/07/2022

June 2022

Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories
Date: 29/06/2022

The Importance of Considering the Three Sustainable Pillars in Construction
Date: 23/06/2022

Introducing “Augmented Virtuality” to Industry 4.0 and Beyond
Date: 16/06/2022

Current Trends on Concrete as Construction Material to Capture CO2
Date: 09/06/2022

Introduction to Low Voltage Protective Devices
Date: 02/06/2022

May 2022

The Energy Transition – How Will It Evolve?
Date: 26/05/2022

How to Enhance Building Decision-Making Processes Through BIM
Date: 19/05/2022

Introduction to Hazardous Areas and HA Classification
Date: 05/05/2022

April 2022

How is Artificial Intelligence and Automation Changing the World?
Date: 21/04/2022

Digital Engineering (DE) for Rail
Date: 14/04/2022

An Introduction to Calibration – Temperature Sensors
Date: 06/04/2022

March 2022

Voltage, Stability and Islanding Control in Microgrids
Date: 31/03/2022

(EIT Seminar in Midrand, South Africa) Practical Engineering for the Future – using Automation and Renewables as the Key Drivers
Date: 25/03/2022

Enabling Digital Transformation of Industry With AI and Big Data
Date: 17/03/2022

Carbon Dioxide As Working Fluid for Power Generation and Refrigeration
Date: 10/03/2022

Industry 5.0 & Sustainability – Panel Discussion (World Engineering Day)
Date: 04/03/2022

February 2022

BIPV, Advanced Glazing and Energy Solutions
Date: 17/02/22

January 2022

SCADA Display Design Based on Abnormal Situation Management Guidelines
Date: 20/01/22

December 2021

Learning How to Learn for Engineering Professionals
Date: 09/12/21

November 2021

Eco-brick Sisters: Engineering, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
Date: 25/11/21

October 2021

Arc Flash: What Is It and How Do We Design for It?
Date: 21/10/21

Gas Turbines – What Does the Future Hold?
Date: 07/10/21

September 2021

Feasibility of Converting Overhead Transmission Lines to Underground – A Case Study
Date: 23/09/21

Recent Trends in Evaluation and Monitoring of Existing Concrete Structures
Date: 08/09/21

August 2021

Data Communication – The Backbone of Industrial Automation
Date: 27/08/21

Applying Guerrilla Tactics in Executing Outstanding Engineering Projects
Date: 18/08/21

July 2021

Transitioning to Digital Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 Technologies
Date: 29/07/21

Introduction to Virtual Power Plants
Date: 15/07/21

How is Artificial Intelligence and Automation Changing the World?
Date: 01/07/21

June 2021

What if Leonardo da Vinci used CAD Software?
Date: 17/06/21

Power System Stability in Microgrids
Date: 03/06/21

May 2021

Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Date: 13/05/21

April 2021

Enhancing Energy Efficiency via Building Design
Date: 29/04/21

How to Avoid Catastrophic Engineering Failure
Date: 15/04/21

March 2021

Smart Grids: from Renewable Sources to Machine Learning
Date: 31/03/21

February 2021

Smart Cities 2021: Strategies and Challenges
Date: 25/02/21

January 2021

How is Artificial Intelligence and Automation changing the world?
Date: 28/01/21

December 2020

Making Concrete Green: Sustainability in Engineering
Date: 09/12/20

October 2020

Transitioning from Industry 4.0 to 5.0: A Smart Manufacturing Perspective
Date: 28/10/20

September 2020

Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins in Engineering
Date: 30/09/20

August 2020

Smart Grid Opportunities and Challenges
Date: 27/08/20

Online or On-Campus Future Student Webinars

July 2023

Learning Journeys and Career Progression

May 2023

Engineering Council of South Africa Presents: Road to Registration

March 2023

30-Minute Overview: Short Course in Industrial Automation

December 2022

Make a Difference With an EIT Doctor of Engineering in 2023

August 2022

Insight Into Australian Engineering Jobs & Engineers Australia Membership
Date: 31/08/2022

May 2022

Explore Engineering Pathways with EIT’s Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates
Date: 11/05/2022

February 2022

Why Is Student Services So Important When Studying On-Campus?
Date: 24/02/22

January 2022

Studying for the Jobs of the Future in 2022
Date: 27/01/22

November 2021

Start Your Studies Online, Continue On-Campus in Australia
Date: 04/11/21

October 2021

Learn From EIT Alumni: Studying Online and Career Progression
Date: 28/10/21

September 2021

Make a Difference with an EIT Doctor of Engineering
Date: 30/09/21

August 2021

An Insight into EIT’s Online Labs
Date: 26/08/21

July 2021

Studying for the Jobs of the Future: Mechanical Engineering
Date: 21/07/21

Upskill with EIT’s New Industry-Oriented Graduate Certificates
Date: 15/07/21

June 2021

Your Lifelong Learning Journey: Study Pathways at EIT
Date: 24/06/21

May 2021

Hear From EIT Students: The On-Campus Experience
Date: 27/05/21

Studying for the Jobs of the Future: Biomedical Engineering
Date: 20/05/21

April 2021

Scholarships for Future On-Campus Students
Date: 29/04/21

Make Your Mark With an EIT Professional Doctor of Engineering
Date: 28/04/21

March 2021

Studying for the Jobs of the Future: Electrical Engineering
Date: 25/03/21

Why is an Internship so Important while Studying?
Date: 24/03/21

February 2021

Studying for the Jobs of the Future: Civil and Structural Engineering
Date: 25/02/21

The Benefits of Engineers Australia Membership with EIT
Date: 24/02/21

January 2021

Studying for the Jobs of the Future: Industrial Automation
Date: 21/01/21

December 2020

Your Lifelong Learning Journey: Pathways & Articulation at EIT
Date: 17/12/20

An Australian Internship with On-Campus Study
Date: 16/12/20

November 2020

Future Proof Your Employability with an Online Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree
Date: 19/11/20

EIT Scholarship Information Webinar for Future Students
Date: 18/11/20

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