Be Prepared

Many students underestimate the workload that is associated with undertaking a program of study. It is important to be prepared and plan ahead to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience. Stay motivated and disciplined by exercising good time management skills. Apart from succeeding in your studies, you will also enjoy the experience.

Be Accountable

Your biggest enemy will be time. Especially if you have family, work, leisure, and study all playing tug-of-war. Be accountable for your study time by setting yourself realistic and achievable goals.

Be Organized

  • Understand how the course is structured
  • Determine, carefully and accurately, what it requires from you on a weekly basis
  • Create either a daily or weekly study plan
  • Ensure the plan covers all study requirements:
    • Readings
    • Software practical activities and remote labs
    • Webinar attendance
    • Forum/chats
    • Assessments

Seek Help When Needed

We offer a range of personal and academic support services that are designed to help you get your studies off to a great start and foster your success through the duration of your program.

If you need any assistance, like freshening up your maths, please contact your Learning Support Officer for more information on the resources available.

Engineering Institute of Technology