We have various options available to you if you need to take a break from your course or program of study.  Select the course type below to find out more information about our deferring and withdrawing policy and process.

Deferment of an offer prior to commencing a bachelor’s or master’s program, or deferment of study once a student has commenced study, may be permitted for up to one year (i.e., four terms/two semesters) with approval.  There are no deferring fees. Applicants who wish to apply for a longer deferment must withdraw and reapply for admission in the same manner as the original application for admission, should they wish to commence or continue study at a later date.

A student may completely withdraw an accepted offer prior to commencement, or at any time after they have commenced the course. If the student is enrolled in any units past the census date for the study period in which their withdrawal is submitted, they are liable for the full fees for those units.

Find out more in our Admissions Policy.

If a student wishes to defer their enrolment after a course has started and the first unit/module census date has passed, with an intention to re-join a future intake of the same course, then at the time of deferral the student must complete and return a ‘Course Withdrawal and Postponement Application’ form.

The student can re-join a future intake of the same course once that intake reaches the last unit/module in the course that the student successfully completed. Students can only defer and re-join a course twice; thereafter it is treated as a full withdrawal and the student would need to reapply for entry to the course.

When deferring an enrolment, students must ensure they are aware of, and complete their course within, the maximum completion timeframes allowable for their course – refer to EIT’s Admissions Policy for maximum completion timeframes. If a course is not completed within the stated maximum timeframes the student will need to withdraw from their course and re-apply for entry to the course.

VET Student Loans (VSL) Students 

When withdrawing or deferring, a final progression form will be triggered from the electronic  Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) system. Students have two weeks to respond to the progression form which will advise the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) of their withdrawal / deferral from the course.

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A student can postpone their studies at any point by completing the Certificate Withdrawal & Transfer Application Form.  A student can transfer once to a subsequent intake.  The student can re-join at the point where a subsequent class reaches the last Module in the course that he or she has successfully completed. A re-joining fee applies at the time that the student re-joins the course.

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