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A Hero with a Lifesaving Legacy  

Meet James Mackay, the Technology Manager at the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), also known as a hero. His journey is nothing short of inspiring, and it’s about time the… Read more
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UAE Floods: Role of Engineers in Cloud Seeding and Climate

The recent downpour in Dubai has raised the question of whether cloud seeding or extreme weather was to blame and what engineering is involved in either scenario. The recent downpour… Read more
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3D Printing: Technology, Applications, and Future Prospects 

In this insightful blog, we investigate the transformative field of additive manufacturing.   The Engineering Institute of Technology’s (EIT) senior Mechanical Engineering on-campus lecturer and the Doctor of Engineering Research Coordinator, Dr. Vishal… Read more
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Rise of The Doomsday Bunker and The Engineering Behind It

The world’s wealthy, including Mark Zuckerberg, are increasingly investing in elaborate doomsday bunkers. These fortified shelters are designed to withstand extreme conditions, offering safety and luxury in uncertain times. We… Read more
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EIT Student Ambassador Article: Lee Gaunt Exudes Commitment

Dedicated Perth-based student and 2024 student ambassador, Lee Gaunt shares the advantages of choosing the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) for his engineering education. He also chats about the crucial… Read more
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Aussie Engineers Reduce Cement-Produced Carbon Emissions

Cement production contributes 8% to global carbon emissions ( CO2), and as the demand for concrete grows, engineers have discovered a method to cut these emissions significantly. In 2022, coal-fired… Read more
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