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5 Engineering Jobs That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

Pique your interest with emerging jobs that were non-existent five years ago but are shaping the future of engineering careers. Over the past five years, industries have been at the… Read more
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AI in IA: From Chatbots to Plant Chums and Hallucinations

EIT Dean Steve Mackay discusses the true potential of AI in industrial automation and laments its impact on optimizing processes and predictive maintenance. With the current hype around AI (Artificial… Read more
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The Importance of Cyber Security of Industrial Networks

With everything and everyone online, the lack of cyber security can cause devastating harm, and connected devices, including those used in manufacturing, maintenance and production facilities are not immune to… Read more
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The Race for a Cleaner Energy Future

As the world grapples with the urgent need to address climate change, a rapid cleaner energy transition toward renewable sources is being implemented across the globe. Let’s weigh the benefits… Read more
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Is an Online Engineering Course Worth the Money?

Wondering if an online engineering course is worth the cost? In today’s digital age, online education offers many benefits and can be a valuable investment in your future. Let’s explore… Read more
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4 Amazing Innovations for a Sustainable Future and the Engineers Behind Them

Embark on a journey into sustainability innovations as we unveil four extraordinary innovations shaping a greener future, all brought to life by visionary engineers. Get ready to be inspired! The… Read more
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