We pride ourselves on providing you with quality learning resources.  All teaching materials are delivered via our learning management system, Moodle, including lecture and tutorial slides, and a comprehensive reading list.  We also provide access to an extensive online eLibrary and a wide range of engineering-focussed library collections, including over 160 technical engineering manuals.

Our eLibrary is hosted on our learning management system and provides our students access to a vast array of resources for the duration of their program.

We subscribe to several collections from reputable online publishers. Each collection is designed to support you throughout your course by providing free access to relevant, recent, and useful information. This includes hundreds of thousands of resources, including textbooks, journals, articles, conference papers, and other learning resources such as equations and unit converters.

The eLibrary also contains additional information to support students, including referencing guidelines, links and guides to open-access resources, and thesis papers written by our master’s graduates.

EIT students have access to the Knovel collection, an online library containing resources for specific industries and engineering disciplines collated by Elsevier publishers. Knovel suits the needs of EIT students, as it provides content on various topics, including process and design information and best practice, interactive graphs, tables, and equations and formulation materials across several engineering disciplines. EIT reviews Knovel user access and resources quarterly to ensure the resources in this library support current and new programs.

Engineering Source is the premier database for professionals and researchers across all engineering disciplines, including biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental and software. It includes hundreds of full-text engineering journals, magazines and trade publications, plus books, conference papers and more.

EIT has subscribed to the Engineering Source collection, starting 1st January 2021, which will be available to all higher education students.

New for 2021!

EIT has recently subscribed to a small collection of engineering Standards with SAI Global. This collection will allow students access to the Standards relevant to their course, with texts from IEEE, ISO, as well as key Australian Standards, all via SAI Global’s secure i2i cloud-based standards management solution.

EIT students have access to over 160 technical engineering manuals published by our sister company IDC Technologies.  These manuals cover a range of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering, as well as instrumentation, automation and process control, and data communications and networking.

Our on-campus students can also access our on-campus library, which includes a supply of the core textbooks assigned to our programs.  You are welcome to access and borrow texts from the library.

Educational Copyright Licence

The Engineering Institute of Technology holds the Educational Copyright Licence.

In brief:

With this licence all our teachers can copy any third party material to distribute to the students (within the limitations of the licence). This can be done in both hard copy and electronic format and includes whole articles from newspapers or journals, up to 10% of any book or website, as well as the ability to embed any third party material into any resources that EIT may be producing for our online courses. 

Without this licence, no organization is allowed to reproduce any third party material from any source other than where there is a direct licence/subscription in place or permission has been granted from the creator of the work.

Every university, TAFE and school throughout Australia has this licence as well as over 1,000 private colleges, Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) and training arms.

The benefits:

  • Freedom and flexibility – Instant access to an abundance of both Australian and international digital and hard copy materials.
  • Convenience and ease – With the licence, EIT no longer needs to identify and search for copyright owners, gain permissions, negotiate terms of use or maintain records when we make a copy for our students.
  • Compliance/risk management – With the availability of digital technology and the Internet, copyright infringement can occur at the click of a button. This licence is an effective way for EIT to increase and/or maintain our current compliance program. 

For full information on this licence, please visit www.copyright.com.au

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