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We can help you meet your technical group training goals

Traditional online training, with pre-recorded videos and the odd quiz, is no longer adequate. At EIT our approach is innovative and different: the training is live and interactive, the content is practical and cutting-edge and it is delivered by experienced industry practitioners. EIT’s engineering group training delivers:

  • Improved skills to your technical teams for greater efficiency in the workplace
  • Increased staff loyalty through investment in their professional development
  • Reduced risk as engineering practices are enhanced
  • Improved professional engineering and HR compliance
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Pathways for Up-skilling and Re-skilling your Technicians & Engineers

Skilled technicians and engineers make an impact on the productivity, innovation, and competitiveness of most organisations. By investing in group training programs, organisations not only ensure that their workforce remains up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends but also foster a culture of continuous learning and development. The commitment to upskilling and reskilling not only enhances employee morale and job satisfaction but also enables companies to adapt swiftly to changing market demands and emerging technologies.

Extended Library of Courses

We offer a wide range of Professional Certificate of Competency courses including additional courses not published on our website as upcoming public intakes. Our IDC Technologies courses are also available and these are ideal for onsite delivery. In addition to the standard course, we also have customised versions of courses that have been adapted to meet client requirements.

Key benefits of EIT group training

Delivery Option
Our training can be delivered either online or onsite for group training scenarios. Both formats involve a live industry-experienced instructor.

Customisable Content
Group training client have the option to swap in/out modules from other professional certificate courses to ensure relevancy and that specific learning
outcomes are met.

Practicals via Remote Labs
To compliment the technical webinars delegates are provided with access to remote labs for practical simulations and exercises.

Intensive Delivery Option
For organisations that have staff together for limited amounts of time we can deliver training in an intensive format and within a shorter time period than the standard 3 months. We find that the 6 week delivery option with weekly webinars to be the most popular.

Instructor Selection/ Matching
Selecting the best instructor to delivery your training is very important and where possible we match instructor with your industry and location/time-zone.

Pre-Start Webinar & Virtual Site Visit
A pre-start meeting is an ideal way for the instructor to determine the level of delegates and for the client to relay the desired learning outcomes. A virtual site visit will also allow the instructor to understand the workplace related infrastructure.

The standard process of group training delivery

  1. Introduction and initial requirements
    Contact Us
  2. Quotation with delivery options
    Request a Quote
  3. Scheduling of course (including any customisations)
  4. Pre-start meeting with instructor including introduction of
    assigned learning support officer
  5. Delegates provided access to learning management portal
  6. Course start & ongoing monitoring

Lecturer leading classroom

We train technical and engineers across the following industries:

Mining/Oil & Gas
Professional Services

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Why choose group training?

Technology Careers Receive practical training for your teams, regardless of their location.
Industry Orientated Programs Icon Gain real technical skills that are relevant to your business’ specific needs.
Leaders in Industry Icon Your site becomes safer and more productive.
Personnel benefit from increased team morale and greater job satisfaction.
Australian Accredited Icon Your business will benefit from significant cost savings.

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