Welcome to the Engineering Institute of Technology

We are a leading engineering and technology education and training provider, offering online and on-campus programs. Our wide range of courses is driven by industry experts to ensure students (whether starting out or in the workforce) develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of modern engineering.

Our Mission

EIT’s mission is to provide students throughout the world with measurable and significant productivity gains in their workplace through cutting-edge and applied engineering vocational and higher education. 

Our Vision

By 2032, EIT will be internationally recognized for its education in the engineering and technology areas and will be an Australian University College. EIT will draw students worldwide because of its reputation for strongly industry-oriented engineering programs, with graduate attributes that make EIT students employees of choice. 

Our Academic Integrity

EIT places significant emphasis on academic integrity, considering it essential for every student’s success. Through investments in invigilation tools like the IRIS software, despite challenges such as Generative AI, EIT ensures rigorous assessments, instilling confidence in both students and employers regarding the integrity of EIT graduates’ qualifications. Read more about EIT’s Academic Integrity.

15 years in operation as an education and training provider

2 campuses in Australia, located in Perth and Melbourne

50+ lecturers/instructors worldwide

1800+ students enrolled per year

9000+ graduates

85+ engineering courses

Offices in Perth, Melbourne, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Philippines, and South Africa

30+ years in association with the engineering industry globally, providing professional development

21 programs are accredited by Engineers Australia and internationally recognized under the Dublin, Sydney, and Washington Accord

Where do our students come from?

The below map shows the distribution of EIT students around the world. With students and alumni from over 140+ countries, EIT is at the forefront of
international education

Hear from Deputy Dean, Indumathi V

Interesting Facts

  • EIT is one of the only institutes specializing in engineering and offering students study pathways from diplomas all the way through to a doctoral degree.
  • This EIT student was on a mission in Antarctica. The hilarious photograph was taken during one of his webinars; he was completing an online advanced diploma.
  • The incredible man, and inventor of the PLC – Dick Morley – was a lecturer at EIT; we now have a scholarship named after him.
  • EIT (under IDC Technologies’ umbrella) has trained thousands of personnel in companies such as Rio Tinto, Shell, BP, Tata and Toyota.
  • EIT developed IRIS Invigilation to be used as an inhouse tool to allow students to sit exams from anywhere in the world and deter and detect academic misconduct in online exams. The software is now also used by other education providers, including the University of South Africa (UNISA) that has over 430,000 students.
  • Our staff are citizens of the world, coming originally from far and wide: England, USA, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, India, China, Columbia, France, Poland, Japan, Mauritius, Venezuela, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Lebanon and Zimbabwe.
  • These are the languages that they speak (other than English): Korean, Mandarin, Gujarati, Hindi, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, French, Tagalog, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, IsiXhosa, Afrikaans, Shona, Tsonga, Siswati, Ndebele, Tshivenda, IsiZulu, Tswana and Southern Sesotho.
  • We have sent trainers to all corners of the world, such as Azerbaijan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mauritius and Bahrain, to deliver onsite training to our clients.
Engineering Institute of Technology