Hendrick van Heerden
Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

Balancing work and studies is challenging but possible, according to Hendrick van Heerden who’s pursuing an online Master of Engineering (Mechanical) program at EIT. Hendrick…

Denis Amanya
Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)

An Advanced Diploma graduate, Denis Amanya, shares his experience with an online course from the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) and why he recommends it…

Hezrone Mujawo
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Master’s graduate and current DEng student Hezrone Mujawo shares his engineering journey and offers tips on work-study balance Hezrone Mujawo, a 40-year-old South African with…

Malcolm Green
Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems)

Malcolm Green, 31, of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is a glowing example of how easy it is to achieve your dreams with a plan and great…

Hadas Tewelde
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Structural Engineering).

EIT Civil and Structural Engineering graduate Hadas Tewelde is a beacon of motivation for anyone doubting they can study engineering online Like mother like daughter….

Arnold Smit
Online – Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)

South Africa-based student Arnold Smit shares his experience of studying through EIT and gives some great advice on juggling work and your studies. For anyone…

Adriana Santana Conceicao
On-Campus – Master of Engineering (Electrical)

If you believe that adding the qualification you’re completing or the ones you completed are not worth sharing, just read how EIT student Adriana Santana…

Don Roshan Sanjeewa Subasinghe
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Moving from Electronical Engineering to Industrial Automation was a keen move by this EIT Master of Industrial Automation student. While working as an electrical engineer…

Santosh Pandey
On-Campus – Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

For Master of Engineering student, Santosh Pandey, 2022 is turning into a year of new experiences. Santosh is gearing up to complete his Master of…

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