on February 6th, 2024

Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) student Adriana Santana Conceicao, originally from Brazil, chats about how an EIT scholarship helped her complete her studies. She shares how her Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) has provided collaborative opportunities in her new job.

Adriana Santana Conceicao: Balancing Act for Success

Adriana Santana Conceicao shares her insights on the factors that influenced her engineering choice, her experiences studying with EIT, and the impact of her knowledge on her current role at Rio Tinto‘s MP&E department.

Read on to discover how she balanced her studies, work commitments, and personal life while gaining valuable life skills. Her story will inspire you and provide practical advice for a successful engineering education and career.

Adriana Santana Conceicao on graduation day

What factors influenced your choice to complete a Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) through EIT, and how was your experience?

I chose a Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) at EIT due to its Engineers Australia accreditation and CRICOS recognition, ensuring high-quality education for international students.

Additionally, I was awarded the EIT International Science and Engineering Merit (ISEM) Scholarship, making the course more affordable.

My experience was intellectually stimulating, with expert instructors bringing industry experience to the classroom.

Moreover, I’m passionate about using Electrical Engineering to improve the world by addressing critical issues such as decarbonization, energy efficiency, sustainability, and the development of innovative solutions.

How did you balance your studies, home, and potential work commitments?

Balancing studies, work, and personal life as an international student was challenging. It involved time constraints, housing difficulties, and personal sacrifices. However, I faced these challenges with determination and resilience, using them as opportunities for growth.

Despite the absence of family support in a new country, I prioritized education and adapted by developing strong time management skills. Seeking support from peers and mentors, I remained committed to my educational and career goals. These experiences have instilled in me the determination to thrive in any future challenge.

Could you share a specific example of how your knowledge and skills have positively impacted your current job?

In my role as a graduate electrical engineer at Rio Tinto’s MP&E department, despite my relatively short time here, I’ve already started contributing positively. I’ve been collaborating closely with the Fixed Plant Electrical Network team. Additionally, I’ve been actively engaged with various engineering disciplines to develop an Asset Management Strategy that is going to become an official Rio Tinto internal standard document.

This strategy outlines asset management procedures throughout the lifecycle and is aimed at making operations more efficient. While my impact may still be in its early stages, I’m committed to making meaningful contributions to improve reliability and performance within the department as I continue to grow in my role.

How has EIT’s flexibility enhanced your learning experience?

EIT’s flexibility has greatly improved my learning experience. One exceptional feature is the remote laboratory access, which allowed me to use essential software and conduct experiments from anywhere. This is incredibly convenient for me as a working professional because it enables hands-on learning without requiring physical lab presence.

Additionally, EIT provides access to a wide range of articles and an extensive online library, which proves invaluable for research and staying informed about industry developments. EIT’s commitment to flexibility smoothly integrates my education with my work and other commitments, making learning convenient and enriching.

Are there any subjects or topics within your Master of Engineering program that you find particularly captivating or exciting?

In my Master’s in Engineering program, I found several areas particularly fascinating. Firstly, studying how we generate renewable energy from sources like the sun and wind was captivating due to its role in creating a sustainable energy future.

Additionally, diving into the detailed analysis of power systems with tools like Power Factory DIgSILENT helped me understand how we keep the electricity grid stable and efficient in our modern world. Exploring how we move and distribute electricity, mainly using innovative grid technologies, taught me how we efficiently get power to homes and businesses.

What advice would you offer aspiring students considering enrolling in an engineering program at EIT?

Make full use of the rich resources available, including remote laboratories and an extensive online library, to deepen your learning experience. Also, enjoy the collaborative learning environment, where you interact with peers and industry experts, promotes a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Stay curious and open to exploring various engineering facets, as these diverse subjects offer ample opportunities to discover your passion and make meaningful contributions to a sustainable and technologically advanced world.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations in electrical engineering?

In my journey within electrical engineering, I aspire to contribute to a sustainable and technologically advanced future. I aim to excel in my role, emphasizing decarbonization, safety protocols, and enhancing asset reliability. I aim to apply my knowledge to address energy challenges and drive innovation.

As I progress, I visualize taking on more significant responsibilities and leadership roles, shaping the future of electrical engineering within our organization in a brighter, safer, and more sustainable direction.

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