Chris Fuller
52726WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems)

A recent graduate of EIT’s 52726WA – Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems), Chris Fuller is an experienced Technical Officer who oversees quality...

Leticia Oppong
Professional Certificate of Competency in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) & SCADA Systems

An accomplished Controls Technical Field Advisor, Leticia Oppong is a recent graduate of EIT’s Professional Certificate in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) & SCADA Systems. As technology...

Ray Crawshaw
Online – Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Ray Crawshaw is an engineer who currently works in the mining industry in Australia. He is also an Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) alumnus, having...

Rudy Botha
52724WA - Advanced Diploma Of Civil And Structural Engineering

Phillippus Roedolf (Rudy) Botha is the Managing Director of Victory Business Ventures — a family-owned construction company. He is also an Engineering Institute of Technology...

Jan Croucamp
52810WA - Advanced Diploma Of Mechanical Engineering Technology

When engineering equipment fails, the consequences can be severe or even catastrophic. Jan Croucamp has dedicated his career to ensuring the ongoing integrity and reliability...

Lilongeni Gurney Geiseb
Online – Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)

Lilongeni Gurney Geiseb is a Process Automation and Instrumentation Specialist. He has a pair of qualifications from the Engineering Institute of Technology and is currently...

Denis Tichagwa
Online – Bachelor of Science (Civil & Structural Engineering)

Denis Tichagwa has gone from a young boy in 1980s Zimbabwe crafting wire toy cars, to working in a variety of roles ranging from mining...

Johnson Itumeleng
52726WA - Advanced Diploma Of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems)

Johnson Itumeleng is an industrial electrician from Botswana who recently graduated from the Engineering Institute of Technology with a 52726WA - Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering....

Aaron Giovenco
52708WA - Advanced Diploma Of Industrial Automation

Aaron Giovenco is an electro-technical specialist who works in the maritime and offshore oil and gas industries. He says our Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation developed both...

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