on February 26th, 2024

Zukiswa Mpana, a young engineering student from South Africa, is carving her path toward a sustainable future in the field of renewable energy after completing a 52859WA Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies with the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT). We chatted with her to find out more about her journey.

Zukiswa Mpana’s Journey: Empowering Women Engineers

Zukiswa’s academic journey has been characterized by passion, resilience, and a commitment to driving positive change for more aspiring female engineers to break into this field. From an early age, her fascination with science and technology helped fuel her ambition to pursue a career in engineering.

Despite facing challenges and stereotypes as a woman in a predominantly male field, she remains undeterred, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity for growth. She believes that diversity and inclusion are essential for fostering creativity and driving progress in engineering, advocating for equal opportunities for women in the industry.

Read on to discover more about this young woman’s journey thus far.

Zukiswa Mpana: Empowering Women Engineers

Why did you choose the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) for your studies in Renewable Energy Technologies?

I chose EIT for its focus on empowering learners in renewable energy, its innovative online learning approach, and its reputation for excellence in engineering. EIT’s specialized emphasis on engineering and commitment to renewable energy made it a perfect fit for my academic and professional goals.

The flexibility of online learning allowed me to balance my studies with personal and professional obligations while accessing state-of-the-art resources and practical learning opportunities.

How do you find the convenience and flexibility of distance learning with EIT?

Distance learning with EIT offers exceptional convenience and flexibility. I can learn at my own pace, tailor my study schedule to my obligations, and access course materials from anywhere.

The interactive online platform enhances engagement and collaboration, providing a dynamic learning experience without sacrificing quality. I highly recommend exploring the benefits of online education for personal development and career success.

What motivated you to pursue a course in renewable energy technologies?

My passion for sustainability and desire to contribute to global energy solutions drove me to pursue a 52859WA Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies.

EIT’s comprehensive program aligns with my academic background and professional aspirations, offering specialized knowledge and practical skills. I believe this certificate will open doors to diverse career opportunities and enable me to make a tangible difference in addressing energy challenges.

Have you utilized EIT’s virtual labs in your studies, and if so, how was the experience?

Virtual labs at EIT have deepened my understanding of engineering principles and provided practical, hands-on experience. I’ve simulated projects and experiments, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The accessibility and adaptability of EIT’s virtual labs have been remarkable, offering flexibility and state-of-the-art tools for learning. Engaging with virtual labs has enhanced my academic development and prepared me for practical engineering challenges.

How do you envision this Graduate Certificate contributing to your engineering career?

The 52859WA Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies will enhance my expertise and position me as a leader in sustainable engineering. I’ll gain knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices, allowing me to design and implement renewable energy solutions.

This credential will increase my marketability, expand my career options, and equip me with essential skills for success in the evolving field of renewable energy engineering.

As a woman in engineering, have you faced any challenges?

Balancing academic pressures with personal and professional obligations has been challenging, but the support from my peers and the EIT community has been invaluable. The gender gap in engineering can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation, but I’ve overcome these obstacles with resilience and determination. I believe these challenges have made me a stronger and more capable engineer.

What support and inclusivity have you experienced as a female student in engineering?

I’ve received unwavering encouragement and mentorship from my peers, facilitators, and industry professionals. The engineering community celebrates diversity and empowers women through networking events and workshops. EIT fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment, where I’ve felt valued and respected for my contributions. This support has been transformative, shaping my confidence and success in engineering.

How do you see the role of women in engineering evolving, and what changes would you like to see in the industry?

The role of women in engineering is evolving positively, but there’s still work to be done to promote diversity and inclusion. Mentorship programs, networking events, and leadership opportunities can empower women and create a more inclusive environment.

Representation and recognition of women’s achievements are crucial to inspire future generations of engineers. By advocating for diversity and inclusion, we can build a more innovative and sustainable engineering industry.

What advice would you offer to young women considering a career in engineering?

Embrace your passion for engineering and have faith in your abilities. Don’t let gender stereotypes or biases hold you back. Surround yourself with supportive mentors and peers, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Your contributions are valuable, and your potential is limitless. Believe in yourself, challenge the status quo, and make your mark in the field of engineering.

What are your aspirations and goals within the field of renewable energy?

My goal is to become a leader in renewable energy, driving progress towards a sustainable future. I’ll stay informed about the latest technologies and collaborate with industry professionals to develop innovative solutions.

I’m committed to promoting renewable energy advocacy and awareness, inspiring others to join the movement for a cleaner, greener world. Through passion, expertise, and collaboration, I aim to make a lasting impact in the field of renewable energy.

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