World Water Day: Engineering with Nature-Based Solutions

March 14, 2023 10:22 am
The role of engineering in sustainable water management becomes more critical as concerns about the long-term availability of water supplies, utility rates of water, stormwater collection, and wastewater treatment are expected to increase. Water and its long-term availability and the environmental effects of stormwater collection and wastewater treatment have been...Read More
Artificial intelligence concept

ChatGPT: Brilliance or a Bother for Education

March 13, 2023 2:41 pm
Using ChatGPT for education has pros and cons. While it can enhance learning and teaching, it may have limitations in understanding complex concepts. We explore the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in the tech industry for quite some time now, and...Read More

The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Labs for Engineering Students

March 9, 2023 7:08 pm
Remote labs are a key tool for the Engineering Institute of Technology's students. We spoke to an EIT lab coordinator/lecturer about the use of remote labs in engineering education. With the rapid advancement of technology, remote labs have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional in-person labs in engineering education....Read More
an engineer looking into digital twins (the industrial metaverse concept)

Industrial Metaverse Unleashes Limitless Possibilities for Engineering

March 8, 2023 5:13 pm
The concept of the metaverse has gained increasing attention in recent years. We explore how the industrial metaverse revolutionizes the engineering industry and the learning experience. What is the industrial metaverse? The metaverse concept – a virtual world that spans multiple platforms and devices – has gained traction recently. A...Read More
engineering education

Tips To Further Your Engineering Education and Get the Job You Want

February 15, 2023 5:28 am
Recent studies show that returning to school and getting that extra engineering degree helps further your career. But when is the right time, and where do you start? We offer some tips to get you back in the academia saddle. Most working people start their employment with a high school...Read More

Get to Know EIT’s 2023 Student Ambassadors

February 10, 2023 2:38 pm
Some of the best universities in the world utilize their current students as their advocates and ambassadors, and the Engineering Institute of Technology is no exception. Meet our student ambassadors for this year. When booking a holiday or deciding where to go out for dinner, you often go online and...Read More
Romans concrete example the Pantheon

Roman Concrete Is Changing Modern Civil Engineering

February 8, 2023 3:42 pm
They may not have discovered concrete, but Ancient Roman civilizations were the first to use it as a building material. And now, their method is changing modern civil engineering and the planet. Learn more about Roman concrete in this post. The ancient Romans will forever be known for their exceptional...Read More

When Studying On-campus Becomes a Lifestyle

February 6, 2023 4:57 pm
Today’s campuses are evolving to meet the changing needs of students globally, and the Engineering Institute of Technology is right up there with the best of them when it comes to a fulfilling on-campus experience. According to a recent assessment by Forbes, more than a quarter of a billion students...Read More
Industrial Automation

The Rise of the Machines and Industrial Automation Engineers

January 25, 2023 9:00 pm
As technology advances and industrial mechanization gives way to automation, control engineers become indispensable to the many companies competing for pole positions. From what we wear and eat to how we get around, care for our elderly and sickly, or work and study — machines are increasingly occupying a bigger...Read More

EIT's Multi-Mode Exams Were a Success

January 17, 2023 10:49 am
Getting the stuff of exams right in an online and offline environment is no simple task, especially if it’s a multi-mode exam. EIT staff and a student share their experience. Sitting down to write your exams can be stressful for any student, whether they are secondary or tertiary level. But...Read More
6 Awesome Sci-fi read for engineers

6 Awesome Sci-Fi Must-reads To Inspire Engineers

January 6, 2023 2:12 pm
Science fiction writers continue to fuel engineers' imaginations, resulting in mind-blowing technological advancements. We’ve put together a list of reads for engineers to feel inspired The connection between engineers and science fiction (sci-fi) is undeniably akin to the bond between a parent and a child. Of course, it is anyone’s...Read More
Rare Earth Elements

Rare Earth Elements: Changing Engineering & The Environment

January 4, 2023 6:24 pm
They may have hard-to-pronounce names and sit at the bottom of the periodic table, but Rare Earth Elements are changing engineering and our lives in ways we never imagined. To most people outside of the fields of specialized engineering, or geology and chemistry, Rare Earth Elements (REE) were relatively unheard...Read More

EIT Staff Story: Holly Maree Ross Is Always Putting Her Best Foot Forward

December 22, 2022 3:13 pm
From supporting EIT students to engaging in competitive sports, EIT Lead Learning Support Officer Holly Maree Ross always crosses the finish line Whether she is making sure our students get the best learning experience or whether she is running treacherous trails just for fun, EIT Lead Learning Support Officer Holly...Read More
T shirt

4 Awesome Gift Ideas For Engineers

December 14, 2022 11:16 am
Finding the perfect present for an engineer can be daunting, especially considering their left-brained logic. This Festive season, we’ve taken the guesswork out of gift work for you. Whether you are dating or married to an engineer or have a kid, aunt, uncle, or buddy studying engineering, you understand how...Read More
Engineering Institute of Technology 2022 Graduates

Key EIT Achievements of 2022  

December 14, 2022 7:58 am
The past year has been productive for the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT).   As 2022 draws to a close, we are reflecting on some of our achievements and plans for 2023 and beyond.  The year 2022 was indeed special, despite some of the challenges that the previous year presented. With...Read More
Engineers Fish tank

Top Engineering Innovations of 2022

December 13, 2022 9:16 am
From space safety to AI that creates images from text, plus the world’s biggest green hydrogen hub, we look at some of the best engineering innovations of the past year. Since COVID-19 hit, most of us have been focusing on the adverse events of the two years that followed, so...Read More

Doctor of Engineering Conference 2022: What You Missed and How It Will Change Your Career

November 21, 2022 6:28 pm
In case you missed it, this year’s EIT Doctor of Engineering (DEng) Conference showcased more research topics presented by principal supervisors who are also international research leaders. The EIT Doctor of Engineering course is suited to solving industry problems On 2 November 2022, the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) held...Read More
EIT Graduation

To New Beginnings: EIT Graduation 2022

November 14, 2022 5:59 pm
On 3 November 2022, at the Optus Stadium in Perth, Western Australia, EIT hosted its first in-person Graduation Gala in three years since the Covid-19 pandemic started. EIT 2022 Graduates Over the past four years, Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) students from around the world have not only been living...Read More
EIT 3D Printing

How 3D Printing is Changing Engineering and Going Green

November 11, 2022 8:13 pm
Technology is growing, with 3D printing being no exception. What started out with printing toys and trinkets has morphed into bigger ideas with massive potential for engineering and the environment. Since Chuck Hull created the first 3D printer way back in 1983, it’s clear that advancements in this technology have...Read More
Innovative Waste Conversion ideas

5 Innovative Waste Conversion Technologies All Engineers Should Know

November 11, 2022 4:54 pm
As the world grapples with climate change, there is a growing interest in new technologies around waste recovery and waste conversion. Learn more about waste conversion technologies in this article. Going Green: waste conversion technologies are turning trash into treasure There’s no escaping the fact that our world is buckling...Read More

What is CoolProp and Why Do All Thermodynamic Engineers Need It

November 10, 2022 1:19 pm
Imagine having a thermodynamics property library at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Enter CoolProp! Not only is it an indispensable tool but, the best part, it’s also totally free. Gone are the days when thermodynamic engineers and students had to lug around a bulky steam table in order...Read More

What is the IEEE and Why Should Engineers Join?

November 7, 2022 7:27 pm
Whether you’re an engineer or studying towards a qualification, you may have heard about the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. But what exactly is it and how can it benefit your studies and career? Dr Munira Batool, Senior Member of IEEE and Postgraduate Supervisor at EIT The Institute of...Read More