on June 6th, 2024

Dedicated Perth-based student and 2024 student ambassador, Lee Gaunt shares the advantages of choosing the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) for his engineering education. He also chats about the crucial role of student ambassadors in supporting and guiding new students as they transition into their academic journeys.

2024 EIT student ambassador Lee Gaunt had contemplated completing his engineering studies for a long time but found it challenging to commit while working full-time. He discovered EIT and appreciated how their coursework delivery enabled him to pursue an Online – Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) without compromising his professional and personal responsibilities.

As an EIT ambassador for 2024, Lee finds it incredibly rewarding to represent the institution and support new students. He believes ambassadors play a crucial role in easing new students into their studies by providing guidance, sharing experiences, and creating a welcoming environment.

“We help students navigate the transition period, connect them with resources, and foster a sense of community, which is vital for their success and overall well-being,” Lee said. He sees the ambassador role as being a supportive mentor, helping students feel confident and excited about their education.

With a background in welding inspection, coded welding, and boilermaking, Lee plans to leverage his expertise to assist new students at EIT’s Perth campus. He aims to relate real-world experiences and technical insights to the theoretical aspects students learn in class, making learning more tangible and meaningful.

Lee believes that offering practical advice and insights on industry standards, safety protocols, and career opportunities can be invaluable for students embarking on similar paths. He also plans to facilitate workshops or hands-on sessions that allow students to see the application of their studies firsthand.

EIT Student Ambassador Lee Gaunt

EIT Student Ambassador Lee Gaunt: Guiding Students with Industry Insight

Lee is confident that his extensive experience in construction, mining maintenance, and oil and gas industries will shape his approach as an ambassador in several impactful ways. He said he can share firsthand experiences about the dynamics of working in high-stakes environments, the importance of safety standards, and the latest technological advancements.

“This perspective helps students appreciate the relevance of their coursework in real-world scenarios. Additionally, I can advise students on various career paths, including emerging opportunities in green technologies and sustainability practices within traditional industries,” said Lee.

He also emphasized the importance of continuous learning, certifications, building resilience, and effective communication skills, all of which he said involved an intricate balancing act.

“Balancing full-time work, fatherhood, and pursuing a degree at EIT has been a significant journey for me. It has taught me a lot about perseverance, time management, and prioritizing what’s important.”

As an ambassador, he aims to use his firsthand experiences to inspire and support new students who may be facing similar challenges. Lee believes that sharing personal stories, practical advice, and leading by example can build inspiration among fellow students.

Showcasing EIT’s Unique Opportunities

The strong focus on practical skills and industry relevance in EIT’s Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) program has resonated with Lee the most. These aspects, he said, have enhanced his understanding and built confidence in applying the theoretical knowledge he has gained to solving real-world problems.

“Ambassadors can leverage these experiences by highlighting the integration of technology in the program, promoting networking and mentorship opportunities, and providing support for challenging modules,” he said.

Lee plans to showcase EIT’s unique opportunities and offerings through campus tours, open days, workshops, seminars, student testimonials, and success stories. He also aims to engage with potential students online and provide personalized advice and Q&A sessions.

“By promoting these unique aspects, ambassadors contribute significantly to easing new students into their studies by providing a clear, approachable, and engaging pathway into their academic and professional journey.”

As an ambassador, Lee represents EIT from a student’s perspective, highlighting the institution’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to student needs. His role showcases EIT’s focus on practical skills and industry readiness, preparing students for real-world engineering challenges. Lee’s experiences and the practical skills he has gained at EIT demonstrate the institution’s dedication to producing competent, job-ready graduates.

Looking ahead, Lee anticipates that his experience as an ambassador at EIT will help new students adjust more easily to their academic environment and equip them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their studies and future careers in mechanical engineering.

By sharing his journey and supporting new students, Lee aims to inspire the next generation of engineers.

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