on January 18th, 2024

Some of the best universities in the world utilize their current students as their advocates and ambassadors, and the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is no exception. Meet our student ambassadors for this year.

Unveiling Authentic Student Experiences

In the age of online reviews influencing our holiday choices and dinner plans, the same principle applies when deciding where to pursue your education. Prospective students seek insights from those currently immersed in university life, shaping their academic journey and real-world experiences.

This is where our dedicated student ambassadors step in.

Functioning as on-campus and online advocates, they willingly share their unique experiences with studying at EIT, offering candid insights into both on-campus and online learning. Through the genuine assistance of these ambassadors, prospective students gain the confidence to make well-informed decisions about their educational path and future endeavors.

Keeping this in mind, EIT invests considerable effort in meticulously selecting its student ambassadors and takes pride in introducing the ambassadors for the year 2024.

Hermanus Scholtz is based in Namibia and pursuing his Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Navigating Success in Industrial Automation and Engineering

Hermanus Scholtz, an accomplished instrument mechanic since 2005, decided to advance his career in 2017 with a 52708WA Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation, achieving a successful work-life-school balance. He completed a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering) by 2022, securing middle and senior roles in various companies.

Currently pursuing a Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation), Hermanus focuses on AI and machine learning in mining. Inspired by EIT’s engineers, he aims to complete a Doctor of Engineering, establish a consulting firm, and stay updated through lecturing.

“As a student ambassador, I aspire to change the mindset of prospective students, addressing fears related to family, work, failure, money, time, and support that often hinder us from stepping out of our comfort zone.”

Bridging Mechanical Engineering, Technology, and Management Excellence

Pritish Gandhi, fueled by childhood fascination, holds a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering). Starting as a Mechanical Project Engineer in Dubai, he excelled in MEP work, branching into plumbing and electrical divisions, earning a promotion to Project Coordinator. Passionate about technology and management, he is currently busy with an on-campus Master of Engineering (Mechanical) at EIT, Perth.

EIT provided profound knowledge and valuable industry connections, allowing Pritish to actively engage with leaders and build a robust professional network. Now poised to contribute to the evolving engineering landscape, he aspires to guide fellow engineers and inspire excellence in the nexus of mechanical engineering, technology, and management.

“Student ambassadors serve as vital connectors within academic communities, weaving the fabric that links institutions with aspiring minds. Beyond mere representation, they embody the profound impact of education, motivating others to embark on their unique journeys of learning, personal development, and achievement.”

Pritish Gandhi is studying his on-campus Master of Engineering (Mechanical) in Perth
Ilana Villani, from Johannesburg, is busy with a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)

Powering Excellence in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Technologies

Currently serving as an electrical, control, and instrumentation designer in the mining industry, Ilana Villani completed her 52727WA Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering in Mining at EIT in 2017.

In 2019, she enrolled part-time in the Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) and is now in her final year. A working mother of two, Ilana values EIT for its flexibility. Passionate about renewable engineering, she aspires to inspire fellow parents and women in the industry.

“Embarking on a new course can feel daunting at first, but having a student ambassador who has already navigated the journey can provide valuable encouragement and support.”

Mastering Mechanical Engineering at EIT’s Melbourne Campus

Mike Kiplagat Kemboi, a dedicated student at EIT’s Melbourne Campus, is currently immersed in pursuing an on-campus Master of Engineering (Mechanical). His academic journey includes earning a bachelor’s in mechanical and production engineering from the University of Eldoret.

Intrigued by technological advancements, Mike joined EIT in February 2023, finding the course not just fascinating but also finely tuned to contemporary engineering dynamics. As he nears completion of his studies, Mike reflects on a rewarding internship at Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners, thanks to EIT’s facilitation.

He looks forward to inspiring fellow engineering students in their quest for valuable knowledge in mechanical engineering.

“Student ambassadors are the reflection of what the school offers, and they consequently influence other individuals’ inspiration to join the institution.”

Mike Kiplagat Kemboi is studying a Master of Engineering (Mechanical) in Melbourne
Lee Gaunt is pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) in Perth

Shaping Excellence in Welding and Mechanical Engineering

Lee Gaunt, a CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector, coded welder, and boilermaker holds high-risk work licenses, including advanced rigger, enhancing his diverse career. He earned a Certificate 3 in Engineering (Heavy Fabrication) during his apprenticeship at Tenix Defense, specializing in shipbuilding and maintenance.

With experience in construction, mining maintenance, and oil & gas, Lee began a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) degree with EIT in 2020, set to finish in November 2024.

Despite a 15-year academic gap, he successfully balanced full-time work as a site/project manager in Perth and fatherhood, studying three units per semester through dedication and discipline.

“Student ambassadors are a crucial inspiration for those doubting their ability to pursue dreams in academia.”

Embracing Mechanical Engineering and Energy Systems

Felice Cacucci brings over 25 years of experience as an Energy System Technician and Mechanical Designer to the field.

Specializing in piping design, his expertise spans various sectors, including clean room technology, chemicals, oil and gas, nuclear, naval, cryogenics, and hydrogen systems. Felice has collaborated with industry leaders such as ST Microelectronics, Technip, and Air Liquide.

A dedicated lifelong learner, Felice obtained certification in Professional Certificate of Competency in Hydrogen Energy – Production, Delivery, Storage, and Use in 2021 from EIT. Currently pursuing a 52884WA Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology, he remains committed to staying at the forefront of mechanical engineering and energy systems. Driven by the challenge of continuous innovation, Felice aspires to lead in this ever-evolving field.

“The role of ambassador offers the opportunity to represent the institute, promote the culture and achievements, contribute to my personal growth, and develop communication and interpersonal skills.”

Felice Cacucci, from France, is busy with his Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jonathan Constable, from Australia, is studying for an Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology

Nurturing Engineering Dreams and Overcoming Challenges

Jonathan Constable, inspired by childhood experiences working on miniature trains with his grandfather, spent about 10 years as a fitter and turner, gaining expertise in various engineering roles. Despite facing vision impairment, he transitioned to assembling rotating platforms at Australian Turntables.

Eager to pursue office-based engineering work, he enrolled in EIT’s online 52884WA Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2022, with plans to continue to the Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) by mid-2024. Jonathan values EIT’s user-friendly platform, global perspective, and support from knowledgeable instructors. Despite challenges, he aspires to inspire others with disabilities to overcome perceived limitations through education and determination.

“I think student ambassadors are important as they have the experiences of recently being a student and can inspire other students. They can also share their experience of how they overcame difficulties during their study.”

Embark on an Engineering Journey Now!

EIT delivers industry-focused professional certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas, undergraduate and graduate certificates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and a Doctor of Engineering to students from over 140 countries.

Contact EIT for more information about starting or furthering your academic engineering journey or speak to one of their helpful and experienced student ambassadors by clicking on their names in the article to connect with them on LinkedIn.

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