on May 8th, 2024

Hermanus Scholtz, an industrious student ambassador representing the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) from Namibia, plays a crucial role in connecting with students worldwide and facilitating their educational journey. Despite his location, Hermanus effectively utilizes social media platforms to bridge geographical barriers and ensure online learners feel supported and engaged.

When it comes to tertiary education, student ambassadors serve as vital bridges between educational institutions and their prospective students, offering firsthand insights into the academic environment and opportunities available. Their role goes beyond conventional marketing; they embody the student experience, providing authentic narratives that resonate with potential learners.

By sharing their personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs, ambassadors foster trust and credibility, crucial elements in attracting and retaining students. Moreover, student ambassadors are instrumental in nurturing a sense of community and belonging, creating student interaction, support, and collaboration platforms. This fosters a vibrant learning ecosystem where individuals feel valued, connected, and empowered to excel academically.

EIT carefully nominates ambassadors each year because of the value that ambassadors bring to engineering students, both online and on-campus. Among the 2024 list of candidates is Hermanus Scholtz, who recounts how he tries to enrich engineering students’ educational journey.

EIT student ambassador Hermanus Scholtz

Bridging Geographical Barriers

In a world where connectivity knows no bounds, Hermanus stands at the forefront of bridging geographical barriers despite his location in Southern Africa. Leveraging social media platforms, he empowers students worldwide, ensuring that no learner’s educational journey remains solitary.

As an EIT ambassador, Hermanus employs a strategic approach to connecting with students globally. “Sharing my learning experiences through videos has been incredibly rewarding,” He noted. By actively participating in video features and sharing personal learning experiences, he sparks interest among prospective students seeking guidance and information.

Optimizing his LinkedIn profile and leveraging platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp groups, Hermanus extends his reach beyond borders. “LinkedIn has been a powerful tool for connecting with professionals worldwide,” Hermanus emphasized. Actively engaging with professionals worldwide and utilizing features like WhatsApp statuses and posting stories, he said he can disseminate timely updates about EIT’s programs and events, fostering a diverse and engaged audience.

Navigating the complexities of distance and time zones, Hermanus prioritizes prompt responses and efficient scheduling. “Flexibility and empathy are essential,” Hermanus explained. By demonstrating flexibility and empathy, he ensures effective support across different time zones, thereby bolstering inclusivity and accessibility for students worldwide.

A Personalized Approach

Hermanus’s commitment to student support is evident in his personalized approach. “Every student’s journey is unique, and I strive to provide tailored guidance to meet their needs,” he affirmed. Hermanus exemplifies dedication to empowering students in their educational endeavors, from facilitating registration processes to offering tailored guidance.

From Hermanus’ perspective, student ambassadors play a multifaceted role as mentors, advocates, and community builders. “Our role goes beyond information dissemination; we foster a sense of community and belonging.” Ambassadors’ relatability, advocacy, and community-building efforts enhance the overall student experience, fostering a supportive learning environment conducive to growth and collaboration.

Hermanus Scholtz at work

Drawing from his experiences as both an online learner and a professional in industrial automation engineering, Hermanus provides practical advice and mentorship to other students. “Navigating the challenges of online learning can be daunting, but I’m here to support fellow students every step of the way,” he pointed out. Through sharing personal insights and building a strong online community, he inspires others to navigate their academic and career goals with confidence.

Hermanus believes that his role significantly contributes to fostering a sense of community and belonging among online students at EIT. “By establishing supportive groups and facilitating open discussions, we [ambassadors] help create a space where students can thrive.”

Proudly Flying the EIT Flag

As a student ambassador based in Namibia, Hermanus utilizes various channels to promote awareness of EIT’s programs within his region. “Through workplace advocacy and social media outreach, we’re encouraging individuals in Namibia to explore the educational opportunities offered by EIT,” he said.

Hermanus’ dedication as an EIT student ambassador underscores the institute’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering a global community of learners.

His efforts demonstrate the transformative impact of student ambassadors in empowering students, promoting awareness, and contributing to the growth and development of educational institutions like EIT, both online and on-campus.

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