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Growing up in a small village in rural Namibia, Johannes Kapeuasha’s journey to becoming a successful electrical engineer is one of resilience and triumph. Now working for Namdeb Diamond Corporation, he credits his EIT engineering qualifications for his achievements and shares his inspiring story.

Johannes Kapeuasha grew up in Oshigambo, a village near Ondangwa, Namibia. With a retired nurse for a mother and a retired teacher for a father, he was raised in a household that valued education.  

“My mother contributed heavily to my education until EIT,” he recalled. However, growing up in a village, Johannes had little exposure to engineering professions, knowing mostly about nursing and teaching. 

His aptitude for science and mathematics sparked his interest in electrical engineering. After completing grade 12, Leshan initially pursued an IT diploma but did not complete it. In 2011, he faced a pivotal decision: choosing between a diploma in management and taxation at the University of Namibia or studying an Electrical Engineering Millwright course at the Namibia Institute of Mining & Technology (NIMT). 

After consulting a childhood friend, Johannes chose NIMT, embarking on a technical trade qualification that would shape his future. 

Choosing EIT and Overcoming Financial Hardships 

Once his training at NIMT was completed, he pursued a diploma as an electronic technician at INTEC College. Still unemployed, Johannes needed to continue his education while seeking work.

Returning to full-time school was not an option, so he turned to EIT, attracted by the flexibility of its online programs and Engineers Australia’s recognition of some of its courses.  

In 2017, Johannes enrolled with EIT and completed his 52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems). But that was just the beginning. He again enrolled in 2019 to pursue an Online – Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering), which he completed in 2021. 

“Financial constraints led me to work as a security guard to fund my studies, with my mother’s support helping me afford the courses,” Johannes shared. Despite the challenges, his desire to migrate abroad and the high demand for engineers in other countries motivated him. The recognition of his EIT qualification gave him hope and strength, and he regularly checked career websites to plan his migration.

A turning point in Johannes’ educational journey came when he received a sponsorship from a secret donor while working as a technician at Omega Security. “The sponsorship came at the right time, giving me immense motivation and a sense of achievement despite my hardships,” he said. Initially, the sponsorship covered only the first year, but thanks to his sponsor, EIT extended it for another year, a pleasant surprise that significantly impacted his life.

Inspired by his sponsor’s generosity, Johannes decided to give back to his community by opening a school in Onangombe Village, about 100 km southwest of the Angola border.

“It’s a long-term project that requires funding, but I am committed to supporting it as a way of giving back,” he explained. This experience profoundly changed his character, turning him into a giver, and the joy he gets from watching the students at the school provides him with a different feeling of fulfillment.

Recognition and Career Growth

In 2018, Johannes’ hard work was recognized when he was awarded EIT Graduate of the Year at the African Graduation Gala. “I was overjoyed and surprised to win, especially considering EIT is a worldwide institution,” he beamed. This recognition validated his efforts and motivated him further.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, his job search experience improved significantly. The degree increased employer interest, leading to more interviews. In August 2023, he applied for a security support system technician (STS) position at Namdeb Diamond Corporation. He attended a Zoom interview despite financial constraints and underwent five further assessments. His EIT degree equipped him with essential skills and problem-solving abilities, helping him secure the position.

Johannes’ said his education at EIT prepared him well for his role at Namdeb Diamond Corporation. “My education at EIT taught me how to learn and find information online, handle projects, and connect concepts.” His troubleshooting skills, enhanced through lab work and simulations, have been invaluable in his job working with electronics and UPS systems.

Balancing studies, work, and personal life was challenging, but Leshan managed it effectively. “Attending classes regularly was crucial,” he explained. EIT’s flexible scheduling allowed him to plan and watch recorded lectures if he missed a class. His family’s support was instrumental, and he avoided procrastination by completing coursework before deadlines. Dedicating weekends to study made exam preparation easier.

Looking ahead, Johannes aims to climb the career ladder and eventually become an engineer. He is working hard to excel in his current role and be the best member of his STS team. His immediate goal is to further his studies and pursue a Master of Engineering (Safety, Risk & Reliability) online with EIT, aligning with his newfound passion for the security technical industry.

Johannes’ journey from the small Namibian village of Oshigambo to becoming a respected electrical engineer is a testament to his determination, resilience, and the transformative power of education. His story serves as an inspiration for others to persevere through difficulties and pursue their dreams.

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