on September 11th, 2023

Currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering through the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), Lee Gaunt recounts his experience of studying with EIT and how it allows him to maintain a balance between work and home responsibilities.

A dedicated Australia-based student, Gaunt, tells us about the advantages of choosing EIT for one’s engineering education. He also touches on the hurdles in earning a rigorous bachelor’s degree and highlights his ambitious career aspirations in mechanical engineering.

Furthermore, Lee imparts valuable insights and advice for budding engineering enthusiasts who aspire to excel in their studies across various engineering disciplines.

EIT student, Lee Gaunt.

What factors influenced your choice to complete a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) through EIT, and how has your experience been?

I had been thinking of completing engineering studies for quite some time. However, working full-time and finding the time to commit was hard. When I came across EIT and how they delivered coursework, I discovered I could gain my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is a broad field. Could you share the story behind your decision to specialize in this study area?

I have a trade background as a boilermaker/coded welder and have worked in many industries, including oil and gas, shipbuilding, mining, and construction. During this time, I have done a wide variety of exciting projects.

Completing the mechanical engineering degree allows me to align the practical skills I have learned with the theoretical side of why certain things are engineered the way they are.

How do you balance your studies, home, and potential work commitments?

I work full-time as a site manager for an engineering company and have two daughters under eight. So, managing three units a semester is quite challenging. You must make time: late nights, early mornings, and sometimes midnight studying.

Could you share a specific example of how your knowledge and skills have positively impacted your current job?

I’m working on a tank design and fabrication project with one of my lecturers from EIT. The tank needs to be designed to API 650, and working together on a real-life project has been fascinating and remarkable.

Australia has a diverse engineering landscape. How do you envision contributing to the country’s engineering advancements once you complete your degree?

A lot of exciting projects are coming up in the future in Australia, with a big push being to develop renewable energies through hydrogen. It is an exciting time to be an engineer. It would be a great experience to be part of something like that.

How has EIT’s flexibility enhanced your learning experience?

The flexible learning that EIT offers is second to none, their course content is well structured. It also allows people the opportunity to advance their careers without having to sacrifice their existing jobs.

Are there any subjects or topics within your Bachelor of Science program that you find particularly captivating or exciting?

Fluid mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics, process plant, and piping layout have been my favorite subjects so far. Some of the units have come easily to me because of my practical background with my trade. I look forward to starting the manufacturing, process, and technology unit next semester.

What advice would you offer aspiring students considering enrolling in an engineering program at EIT?

DO IT NOW! Don’t wait.

Do you have a favorite engineering-related joke you’d like to share?

“An architect’s dream is an engineer’s nightmare.”

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations in mechanical engineering?

I’m going to continue my path as a project engineer. Once this course has been completed, I plan to sit for my International Welding Engineers certificate through Weld Australia. My end goal would be to start a consultancy business.

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