on July 5th, 2024

Mike Kemboi, a mechanical engineering master’s student at EIT’s Melbourne Campus, shares his journey, insights, and aspirations as an EIT Student Ambassador. Discover how his background and experiences shape his mission to inspire and support fellow engineering students.

Be inspired by Mike Kemboi, an on-campus Master of Engineering (Mechanical) student who is also one of EIT’s 2024 student ambassadors. In this interview, Mike shares his journey, insights, and aspirations, all while balancing rigorous studies and a commitment to uplifting his peers.

Uncover how his mechanical and production engineering background and hands-on experiences have shaped his mission to inspire and support fellow engineering students. His role as an ambassador reflects the importance of student representation at the tertiary level, showcasing EIT’s dedication to excellence and community.

Mike Kemboi is one of EIT’s student ambassadors.

EIT 2024 Student Ambassador Mike Kemboi Shares His Story

How does it feel to represent EIT as an ambassador for 2024?

It is a great privilege to represent EIT as a student ambassador. The opportunity allows me to enlighten students eager to pursue their dreams in various engineering fields, reflecting the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and professional growth.

How do your master’s studies at EIT’s Melbourne Campus contribute to your role as an ambassador?

Studying towards my Master of Engineering (Mechanical) at EIT has significantly contributed to my role as an ambassador. Balancing rigorous academic studies with my responsibilities as a representative has enhanced my organizational and leadership skills, making me a more effective advocate for the institution.

Can you share how your background in mechanical and production engineering from the University of Eldoret enhances your perspective as an ambassador for EIT?

My mechanical and production engineering background from the University of Eldoret has equipped me with essential skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. These skills have become pillars for my efficiency in fulfilling my duties as an ambassador, allowing me to offer valuable insights and support to my peers.

How do you plan to inspire fellow engineering students through your experiences with technological advancements and your internship at Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners?

I plan to encourage my fellow students to seize opportunities in the engineering field. My experiences with technological advancements and my internship at Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners have shown me the practical and professional aspects of mechanical engineering, which I aim to share with my peers to enhance their learning journey.

Which aspects of the Master of Engineering (Mechanical) program at EIT do you find particularly valuable in your role as an ambassador?

The Master of Engineering (Mechanical) program’s project participation and presentation aspects are particularly valuable. These experiences have boosted my confidence and communication skills, which are crucial for my role as an ambassador.

What messages or experiences from your time at EIT’s Melbourne Campus do you hope to share with prospective students as an ambassador?

My time at EIT has been incredibly rewarding. I wish to encourage prospective students to join EIT if they desire to acquire engineering skills that align with current global trends. The industrial experience offered by EIT, such as my internship at Coca-Cola, is instrumental in gaining hands-on experience with companies of high standards.

How do you intend to highlight the opportunities and offerings of EIT to potential students without overstating your role as an ambassador?

I plan to highlight the opportunities at EIT and precisely. By clearly explaining the benefits and opportunities available after completing studies at EIT, I can provide potential students with a realistic and inspiring overview of what they can achieve.

In what ways do you believe your role as a student ambassador for EIT reflects the institution’s commitment to excellence in engineering education?

My role as a student ambassador reflects EIT’s versatility and commitment to excellence. By balancing academics with my ambassadorial duties, I embody the institution’s dedication to supporting students’ academic and professional development.

As an ambassador, how do you plan to foster community and support among engineering students at EIT, keeping your role in mind?

Fostering a sense of community and support is crucial. I plan to engage students in vital discussions and hold online meetings to understand their challenges while studying at EIT. This engagement will help us make necessary improvements and support each other more effectively.

Looking ahead, how do you think your experience as an ambassador at EIT will influence your future career goals and aspirations in mechanical engineering?

My experience as an ambassador has significantly enhanced my communication and coordination skills. These skills will be invaluable in my future career in mechanical engineering, helping me to collaborate effectively and confidently.

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