on February 15th, 2024

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is proud to announce the acquisition of a new property for an expanded campus area which will bring about more opportunities. After two years of anticipation, we are delighted to open the doors to our extended facilities. 

EIT Perth Campus Expands: 6 and 8 Thelma Street 

EIT’s expansion efforts in West Perth reached a peak with the procurement of a larger space in May 2022. Since then, EIT’s focus has been on refurbishments and enhancements to meet the needs of its growing student body. 

Built in 1980 by Roy Weston, the building initially served as an office for their real estate operations. Subsequently, a private investor transformed 6 Thelma Street into six commercial office units for lease. 

Whereas the building at 8 Thelma Steet originated as a single residence constructed in the early 1900s. Before 2022, it had transformed into a commercial building, serving as a dental surgery at the time of purchase. 

Upon assuming ownership, EIT conducted thorough renovations to optimize space for workshops, classrooms, and offices. Simultaneously, collaboration with architects and builders facilitated the submission of plans to the Perth City Council for approval, transitioning the building from commercial to what is known as, “9B Approval” which means for educational use. 

Renovation work commenced in June 2022, marking the beginning of a transformational journey. The three-story building dedicates the ground and first floors to student facilities, while the second floor accommodates EIT’s staff.  

“Its location is ideally suited for our purposes. There are numerous transport options very close by, including trains and free bus services. There is a significant shopping strip within a few minutes’ walk, where numerous food options are all handily located. Opposite our two buildings is a generous open space, festooned with trees among the grassed areas and garden beds, an ideal rest area for students and staff alike,” said EIT’s Infrastructure Manager, Kevin Baker.   

The PV Solution  

When EIT moved forward with the plans to set up a new campus in Perth, the task of getting a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system installed was raised early on.  

EIT’s Marketing Analytics and Growth Manager, Carolina Asenjo

EIT’s Marketing Analytics and Growth Manager, Carolina Asenjo brought invaluable expertise to the table, having facilitated a similar installation for one of EIT’s offices in 2014. 

The decision to adopt solar energy stemmed from EIT’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. In pursuit of this goal, multiple quotes were obtained to ensure the installation of the most extensive system feasible within the available roof space and building parameters. In December 2023, a 35.64kW system comprising 81 panels and three inverters was successfully installed, marking a step towards sustainability.  

“Being able to generate power from solar energy, a renewable source, will also allow EIT to reduce its demand from the main grid and lower CO2 emissions,” said Asenjo. 

With each kilowatt-hour produced, the solar panels offset approximately 50g of carbon, highlighting the real effect of this renewable energy source. Notably, the system installed in 2014 has already offset around 15.6 tons of carbon, while the newer installation at the West Perth campus has generated over 10,000 kw-h. 

Asenjo added that “Perth is privileged in terms of how much solar radiation it receives throughout the year. Being able to harness this energy sustainably is a positive contribution to the entire world. EIT aims to prioritize environmental responsibility and integrate sustainable practices into its operations with these principles in mind.” 

She also provided helpful advice on choosing the best solar PV company, suggesting careful research, gathering several quotes, and examining product details and customer feedback.  

The Educational Nexus  

At the newly established campus in West Perth, EIT offers a range of degree programs including Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate programs in various engineering disciplines such as Electrical, Industrial Automation, Civil and Structural, and Mechanical Engineering.  

Students will learn from accomplished individuals including CEO and Dean of Engineering Dr. Steve Mackay and Deputy Dean, Indumathi V.  

They will also have the opportunity to learn from distinguished academics such as Dr. Milind Siddhpura, Dr. Hossein Tafti, Dr. Arti Siddhpura, Dr. Ana Evangelista, Dr. Dipali Shende, Dr. Igor Shufrin, Dr. Yuanyuan Fan, Dr. Aravin Arumugam, and Dr. Harisinh Parmar, who are all dedicated to delivering quality education.  

“As we inaugurate our new campus, it is important to remember that it is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a testament to our unyielding quest for knowledge, learning in the community, and our commitment to shaping the future. Here, we will not just teach engineering, but we will nurture and inspire the next generation of innovators who will engineer a better world for us all,” said Indumathi V.  

Furthermore, operating on a semester-based system like traditional universities, the campus provides all students with access to facilities and staff support. The campus adheres to a standard schedule, closing on public holidays and during the Christmas break, but remains open during semester breaks.  

In addition, ample time was taken to ensure the campus embodies what it is there for. With this in mind, the campus boasts unique names for its teaching studios, communal spaces, and lecture theaters, paying homage to renowned engineers and scientists such as:  

  • Einstein – Curie Lecture Theatre 
  • Tesla – Board room 
  • Morley – Board room 
  • Eaves – Civil Engineering Teaching Studio 
  • Hopper – Industrial Automation Teaching Studio 
  • Faraday – Electrical Engineering Teaching Studio 
  • Newton – Mechanical Engineering Teaching Studio 

“We’ve established teaching studios, serving as shared spaces where students engage in hands-on activities amidst a backdrop of engineering equipment. This environment fosters curiosity about the working principles, functions, and practical applications of the equipment,” said EIT’s Lab Coordinator and Lecturer Harisinh Parmar.  

Additionally, the campus is set to host inaugural community-oriented events in the coming year, fostering engagement and collaboration within the local community. 

“We are very excited to be welcoming our Perth students and staff to EIT’s lovely new buildings in West Perth. The process of renovating them was grueling at times, but we are all delighted with what has been achieved,” said Academic Public Affairs Manager, Edwina Ross.  

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