Indumathi V is an experienced Chartered Professional Engineer with over 20 years of expertise in electrical and electronics engineering, engineering education, and leadership. Her early career saw her working as a failure analysis engineer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry in Singapore.

Indumathi then moved to Perth, Western Australia, where she established a successful career in both higher education and vocational education and training. Over the years, she has worked as a lecturer and educator in various engineering fields, earning her recognition as the North Metropolitan Trainer of the Year in 2017. She was also a finalist for the WA Trainer of the Year.

Indumathi holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Western Australia, a Graduate Diploma of Adult and Vocational Education from Charles Sturt University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Canberra.

As a Fellow of Engineers Australia and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, Indumathi is a highly respected advocate for women and girls in STEM programs. She actively volunteers as a mentor, and her passion for education has led her to pursue a Ph.D. research project focused on empowering students and lecturers through data analytics via electroencephalography (EEG) sensors.

Publications and News

EIT publication

Government investment in solar in large scale projects vs distributed installation

30 November, 2023
The paper focuses on the existing policy framework of the Australian Government concerning solar projects. At present, the policy exhibits preference for favouring large-scale solar projects over distributed installations, a perspectve the authors contend should be reversed.. Authors have systematically assessed the potential benefits of distributed installations for all the...Read More
EIT publication

Evaluation of Civil Engineering students’ performance comparing online versus on-campus delivery mode

22 May, 2023
Over the last decade, the educational sector worldwide has been steadily embracing the digital technology revolution by integrating industry 4.0 and web 3.0/4.0/5.0 concepts. Many higher education institutions are leveraging this opportunity offered by the advancements in digital technology and are strongly investing in e-Learning systems offering flexible and blended...Read More

EIT’s Deputy Dean inducted as Engineers Australia Fellow

26 July, 2022
To become an Engineers Australia Fellow you need to live and breathe engineering. In fact, according to Engineers Australia (EA) membership as a Fellow at the organization is regarded as the highest level of membership. Newly elected WA President Jodey Brockhurst and Indumathi V, EIT's Deputy Dean. Picture: EA In fact,...Read More

Engineering Institute of Technology’s women in engineering

10 March, 2022
There’s been a continuing influx of women studying in the field of engineering and ultimately joining the workforce and contributing to academia. There have been numerous discussions about closing the gender gap and weeding out discrimination, and sure there’s been tremendous progress made, however, the pursuit is far from complete....Read More

Our engineering degrees and Advanced Diplomas are accredited by Engineers Australia

13 January, 2022
A new list of engineering education programs accredited at the levels of Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist and Engineering Associate by Engineers Australia has been released. Engineers Australia is the trusted accreditation authority for tertiary engineering education in Australia and abroad. This means a number of EIT Advanced Diploma, Bachelor of...Read More
EIT publication

The success of e-Learning implementation for engineering courses: Case study – EIT

2 July, 2021
Globally, the ease of internet access has had a positive effect on the education sector. Many higher education institutions are leveraging this opportunity and are strongly investing in e-Learning systems offering courses in various disciplines. Engineering courses are challenging on their own, but to teach and engage e-learners' in first...Read More
EIT publication

Implementation of Industry Inputs in Higher Education Courses

2 July, 2021
Higher education courses must be continuously updated to catch up with the ever-changing industrial advancements. An up-to-date course benefits all parties of interest including students, employers and the education institution. This paper discusses the process of identifying industry expectations from graduates and implementing industry inputs based on two engineering courses...Read More
EIT publication

Evaluation of Remote or Virtual Laboratories in E-Learning Engineering Courses

18 June, 2021
The learning environment has shifted from the traditional synchronous classroom-based mode to synchronous and asynchronous online mode. However, critical aspects of engineering courses where theories meet applications, such as in the form of practical or laboratory work, are challenging to be conducted effectively online. The rise of industry 4.0 has...Read More

EIT committed to the further development of female engineers

12 June, 2020
The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is committed to encouraging women to join the engineering industry and supporting our students throughout their respective journeys. In 2017, the World Economic Forum released reported that while approximately 20% of engineering graduates are women, only 13% of the engineering workforce is female. While...Read More
EIT publication

Current state of research in application of disruptive technologies in engineering education

12 June, 2020
Disruptive innovation technologies have made their way in the field of academia during the past few years. A plethora of literature exists investigating the applications of various disruptive technologies in the field of engineering education. The directions for future research however are still obscured by the copious amount of literature...Read More
Indumathi V -Deputy dean

Happy International Women’s Day, engineers! There’s work to do

8 March, 2019
Today is International Women's Day. EIT is celebrating the women who are currently filling positions in the engineering industry across the globe. However, most experts are cognizant that more needs to be done to encourage women to enter the engineering industry. The World Economic Forum reports that women account for...Read More
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