on July 26th, 2022

To become an Engineers Australia Fellow you need to live and breathe engineering.

In fact, according to Engineers Australia (EA) membership as a Fellow at the organization is regarded as the highest level of membership.

Newly elected WA President Jodey Brockhurst and Indumathi V, EIT's Deputy Dean. Picture: EA

In fact, according to Engineers Australia membership as a Fellow at the organization is regarded as the highest level of membership.

Within the Australian context, it carries high regard within the profession since recipients are a select group of engineers that are highly qualified, have significant experience and achievements and also upholds engineering to a high degree.

EIT’s Deputy Dean, Indumathi V, was selected as a fellow in 2022 for her dedication to the profession, and the recognition comes in part for her commitment to engineering education.

“Engineers Australia makes an important contribution by being the trusted voice of the engineering profession. Becoming a Fellow is an elevation in the ranks to the highest level of Engineers Australia membership appointment and demonstrates your wealth of experience, commitment and contribution to engineering,” she divulges.

Indu’s wealth of experience and education is an intersection between engineering and education.

She’s a Chartered Professional Engineer with a background in electrical and electronics engineering, with 17 years of experience in engineering, leadership and engineering education.

She’s worked in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, as a failure analysis engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Canberra, a Graduate Diploma of Adult and Vocational Education, from Charles Sturt University and a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Western Australia.

For her, the title of Engineers Australia Fellow carries a recognition of eminence within the profession.

The criteria to be recognized as a Fellow are impressive.

You can join Engineers Australia as a Fellow if you meet specific criteria.

To be considered engineers must practise as professional engineers, engineering technologists or engineering associates and they need to be a member of Engineers Australia with evidence of their commitment to engineering as a profession with leadership and mentoring chops.

Added to this Fellow need to have demonstrated responsibility in the design or execution of regarded engineering work and should have been at the helm of a position of responsibility for at least 15 years.

Fellows should also hold a position of major responsibility such as a CEO or manage company operations or be involved in complex engineering projects.

Or, fellows are recognized due to high-level qualifications coupled with a prominent position in the profession and hold a high ranking within an academic institution.

“To me, it’s about how Fellows can represent even more strongly as role models for aspiring engineers, particularly female engineers and demonstrate what we can do to influence and effect change to ourselves as individuals, our profession, society and our extended environment.”

“I would like to thank the Women in Engineering committee of EA for their invitation and support,” Indu concludes.

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