Dr Arti Siddhpura

On-Campus Lecturer

School of Mechanical Engineering

Room 505

Bentley Campus

+61 8 9321 1702


BEng, MEng, PhD


Dr. Arti is an academic with 16 years of experience in teaching various Mechanical Engineering units at Australian and overseas universities.

She is an expert in the development and delivery of various mechanical engineering units at bachelors and master’s level in synchronous and asynchronous mode with a strong focus on proven adult learning theories. She has extensive knowledge of various aspects involved in the delivery of mechanical engineering course in face-to-face, blended and fully online delivery modes. Arti has been working with EIT since 2017 as a lecturer in mechanical engineering and has been teaching various mechanical engineering units at bachelors and masters’ level in addition to supervising masters’ thesis. In her current role as RPL coordinator, she is also in charge of coordinating the RPL process, RPL quality assurance, communication between various stakeholders involved in every aspect of RPL, drafting RPL guidelines and policies and organizing relevant PD and training sessions. 

Arti's Ph.D. project was partly supported by prestigious CIEAM (CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management) scholarship and hence based on the research requirements of the industry partners her project mainly focuses on stick-slip vibration-based diagnosis and prognosis of the cutting tool wear. Her research interests lie in the area of condition monitoring and automation with a focus on improving unmanned tool wear prediction methods.

Fields of Research
  • Mechanical Engineering (0913)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (0910)
  • Machine Tools (091003)
  • Dynamics, Vibration and Vibration Control (091304)
Research Interest
  • Condition monitoring of machine tools
  • Prognosis of tool wear
  • Manufacturing automation
Administrative responsibilities
  • RPL Coordinator
  • Staff Professional Development Coordinator
  • Chair – Teaching and Learning
  • Course Coordinator – GCSR
  • Member – Board of Studies
Currently teaching courses/programs
  • BSC105C Mechanics of Machines
  • BSC203C Engineering Design and Drawing
  • BME204S Mechanical Design
  • BME306S Manufacturing Processes and Technology
  • MME504 Pumps, Compressors, Turbines and Drives
  • DEng602 Technology Evaluation and Intellectual Property
Teaching Experience (Tertiary)
  • 18 Years


  1. Constraint Control of a Simulated Ore Crushing Circuit
  2. Simulation of Sensor Signal Wireless Transmission of Real-time, Onboard Condition Monitoring System of Wheel Bearings in The Heavy Rail Haulage in the Iron Ore Pilbara Region (Western Australia)
  3. A Comparative Study on Regression Algorithms for Condition Monitoring of a Hydraulic System
  1. A project to mitigate Human Factors that aggravate Information Systems Risk at large, multicampus K-12 institutions in the GCC Region
  2. Development of a feasible industrial scale heavy liquid separation process
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