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Harisinh Parmar

Lab Coordinator and On-Campus Lecturer

School of Mechanical Engineering

Room 505

Bentley Campus

+61 8 9321 1702



BEng, MEng, PhD


Chemical engineering professional with extensive experience in industry and in academia. Experience in design of a subsea settling tank, CFD modelling of trickle bed reactor for H2S removal in LNG plant and multi-scale modelling of biomass pyrolysis. Interested in application of CFD in various industries for process intensification and optimization.

Fields of Research
  • Multiphase Flow Modelling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Flow Assurance
Research Interest
  • Multiphase Flow Modelling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Flow Assurance
  • Reactor Engineering
  • Renewable energy,
  • Waste Valorization
  • Biofuels & Bioenergy
Unit coordinator/Researcher

Engineering Institute of technology

  • Designed a course outline for masters of process engineering and submitted to TEQSA for approval.
  • Bachelor and master’s student’s final year project supervision and industry engagement.
  • On campus and online lecture delivery and proctored assessments coordination.
Key Projects
  • Designed a subsea settling tank for the separation of fine solids from “produced water” in collaboration with Chevron Technology Company.
  • Improved an emulsification process for the production emulsion explosive on-site for the BHP Billiton iron ore operations.
  • Optimised extraction process of poppy straws and minimised the use of solvent at Tasmania Poppy Industries Ltd.


Currently Teaching
  • Engineering Mathematics,
  • Process Engineering
  • Principles of Processing Engineering

Years of Experience (Tertiary): 6 Years

Supervision Supervised 5 Master’s thesis student
Journal Publications
  • MT Shah, H. Parmar, Lee D Rhyne, C. Kalli; RP Utikar, V. Pareek (2019). “A Novel Settling Tank for Produced Water Treatment: CFD Simulations and PIV Experiments”. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. Accepted.
  • B Prakash, H Parmar, MT Shah, VK Pareek, L Anthony, RP Utikar (2019). “Simultaneous measurements of two phases using an optical probe.” Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow 1 (4), 233-241.
  • Parmar, H., Pareek, V., Phan, Chi M. & Evans, G. (2015). “Influence of jet–jet interaction on droplet size and jet instability in immiscible liquid–liquid system.” Chemical Engineering Science 123(0): 247-254. Impact Factor 2.613
  • Parmar, H., Asada, M., Kanazawa, Y., Asakuma, Y., Pareek, V., Phan, Chi M. & Evans, G.  (2014). “Influence of microwaves on the water surface tension.” Langmuir 30(33): 9875-9879. Impact Factor:4.384
  • Bhatelia, T., Parmar, H., Phan, Chi M., Pareek, V., Tadé, M. & Evans, G. (2011). “Hydrodynamics of a rectangular liquid JET in an immiscible liquid–liquid system.” The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 91(1): 122-126. Impact factor:1.313
  • Parmar, H., Gupta R. & Bhattacharya, S., (2009). “Rheological and molecular properties of organic peroxide induced long chain branching of recycled and virgin high density polyethylene resin.” Polymer Engineering & Science 49(9): 1806-1813. Impact factor:1.441
  • Parmar, H., Gupta, R., and Bhattacharya, S. (2008). “Melt Strength and Thermal Properties of Organic Peroxide Modified Virgin and Recycled HDPE.” International Polymer Processing 23(2): 200-207. Impact factor:0.682
International Conferences
  • Parmar, H., Pareek, V., Phan, Chi M. & Evans, G. (2013). “Influence of surfactant on liquid jet behavior in another immiscible liquid.” 9th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Seoul, Korea.
  • Parmar, H., Pareek, V, Phan, Chi M. & Evans, G. (2012). “Interaction between two moving jets in immiscible liquid-liquid systems: An experimental study.” Chemeca 2012: Quality of life through chemical engineering: 23-26 September 2012, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Parmar, H., Pareek, V., Phan, Chi M. & Evans, G. (2011). “Breakup of multiple jets in immiscible liquid-liquid systems: A computational fluid dynamics study.” Chemeca 2011: Engineering a Better World: 18-21 September 2011: 385, Sydney Hilton Hotel, NSW, Australia,
  • Parmar, H, Gupta R., Bhattacharya S., (2008), “Rheological and molecular properties of organic modified induced recycled and virgin high-density polyethylene.” Proceedings of Polymer Processing Society (June 15-19, 2008)24th Annual Meeting, Salerno, Italy.
  • Parmar, H., Gupta, R.K., Bhattacharya S.N., (2007), “Effects of long chain branching on the properties of recycled high-density polyethylene (R-HDPE) modified peroxide.” Proceedings of Polymer Processing Society 23rd Annual Meeting, Salvador, Brazil.
Awards and Recognitions
  1. Awarded with BHP Billiton Postgraduate research scholarship and CUPS research scholarship to pursue postgraduate degree at Curtin University, Australia.
  2. Awarded HUMAP scholarship to perform research work at Hyogo University Himeji, Japan.
  3. Published research articles in 4 A star journal and 5 international conferences. (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/harisinh_parmar/publications)

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