on September 18th, 2023

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) embraces innovation with its state-of-the-art concrete testing machine. Explore its capabilities in determining material strength, deformation behavior, and its potential to benefit on-campus and online students.

EIT recently introduced a state-of-the-art concrete testing machine to its Civil Engineering laboratory. This machine has been specifically configured to determine the strength and deformation behavior of materials under compressive load.

In addition, it offers the flexibility to conduct flexural and tensile tests with the help of an optional apparatus. This article explores how and why this new addition to the laboratory will benefit both on-campus and online students at EIT.

The concrete testing machine presents a valuable opportunity for on-campus students to witness material testing firsthand. They can actively conduct experiments using various concrete samples, gaining practical knowledge and skills.

But how does adding the concrete testing machine to the Civil Engineering laboratory benefit on-campus students, and what specific applications can they explore using this equipment?

Dr Ana  Evangelista EIT lecturer
Dr. Ana Evangelista, a Course Coordinator and Lecturer at EIT.

Enhancing On-campus Learning

Dr. Ana Evangelista, a Course Coordinator and Lecturer at EIT, pointed out that the testing provides documented evidence of concrete properties, which is valuable for project records, quality assurance reports, and legal purposes in case of disputes or claims.

On-campus students will have the opportunity to get exposure to study the behavior of concrete under various conditions, enabling them to develop innovative concrete mixes,” she said

By performing tests on the machine, students will develop a deep understanding of the material’s behavior under different loads, enhancing their comprehension of concrete properties.

“The Concrete Testing Machine can help students to understand the performance of concrete structures by assessing properties of compressive strength and modulus of elasticity,” said Dr. Evangelista. She added that “Unit Coordinators [UCs] and Unit Leaders [ULs] will have options to create practical assessments to request students to evaluate different types of concrete performance.”

Moreover, this machine’s availability allows UCs and ULs to create assessments focused on concrete testing, enabling students to apply their theoretical knowledge practically.

Empowering Online Learning

Online students can also reap the benefits of the concrete testing machine through a remote lab computer connection. This innovative approach allows students to remotely access the device, providing an interactive learning experience via a semi-remote lab.

With the support of a local technician/staff, this technology will allow EIT’s online students to participate actively in material testing activities, regardless of location.

However, Dr. Harisinh Parmar, Lab Coordinator and On-Campus Lecturer at EIT highlighted that while the machine can be connected to a remote lab via the Electromeet platform, students can only access the lab with the help of a supervisor to assist with samples and testing process. He emphasized this also ensures a seamless and efficient process.

“This machine can be accessed with local assistance. The software interface can be controlled remotely, and the visual observation of the test can be viewed with the web camera. Local assistance will be required to load the samples and ensure the safe operation of the equipment,” noted Dr. Parmar.

This hands-on experience provides a unique opportunity for online learners to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing their overall understanding of concrete testing principles.

“In-person supervision is available on demand and can be managed outside the remote lab booking system. We must ensure that someone is available at the Perth lab to attend to the equipment,” said Dr. Parmar.

Dr Harisinh Parmar Lab Coordinator
Dr. Harisinh Parmar, Lab Coordinator and On-Campus Lecturer at EIT.

Expanding Learning Opportunities

The introduction of the concrete testing machine at EIT benefits students in the Civil Engineering program and extends its advantages to a wide range of units across different AQF levels.

For 52896WA Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering (Materials Testing) and 52873WA Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering students, modules such as DCSCON605, DCSMAT608, DCSSOM615, VU22550, DCMCMT601, and DCMCCM632, the machine allows for practical assessments that align with their coursework requirements.

Similarly, Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering) students enrolled in BCS102, BCS202, BCS204, and BCS301 can explore the practical applications of concrete testing. Furthermore, the machine caters to the needs of Master’s students in Civil & Structural Engineering (online and on-campus), specifically in units like MCS502, MCS503, and ME700.

This broadens the scope of learning opportunities and ensures that students across different programs can benefit from this valuable resource.

Cementing The Future of Remote Labs

The concrete testing machine at EIT’s Civil Engineering laboratory brings immense value to on-campus and online students. It facilitates hands-on learning, allowing students to witness and participate in material testing activities.

By incorporating this practical approach, students can deepen their understanding of concrete properties and behavior — additionally, the use of industry by-products and waste to produce eco-friendly materials.

The machine opens avenues for creating practical assessments, enabling students to apply their knowledge in a real-world context. Furthermore, through a remote lab computer connection, online learners can actively engage in material testing, bringing the benefits of practical learning to their virtual classrooms.

Overall, introducing the concrete testing machine at EIT enhances the learning experience and equips students with valuable skills and knowledge for their future careers in engineering.

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