on November 20th, 2023

Embarking on a journey into the intricate world of engineering after completing a 52884WA Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology and pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) requires more than just academic prowess; it demands a passion for the subject that transcends the theoretical boundaries of the classroom.  

Hailing from Namibia, John Nangolo’s story is not merely about academic achievement; it’s a captivating exploration of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of mechanical marvels. 

Mechanical Odyssey: John’s Insights and Reflections

John Nangolo

What motivated you to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) after completing your Advanced Diploma? 

Firstly, my fascination lies in engineering at large, with a specific focus on mechanical engineering, the very essence of which mirrors what we encounter in our everyday lives. 

Equipped with the knowledge gleaned from my advanced diploma, I recognized the necessity of pursuing this degree to attain an understanding of engineering’s intricacies. This, I believe, would not only expand my skills but also contribute to the improvement of my career and personal development. 

The comprehension of both theoretical and practical concepts within a specific field plays a pivotal role in simplifying the work process. I consider this understanding a major influencing factor in my academic and professional journey. 

Why did you choose EIT? 

EIT provided me with the flexibility to work and learn from the comfort of my home, all while maintaining a sense of accountability for completing my schoolwork within a reasonable timeframe. 

Every resource necessary for my schoolwork was accessible online, and the convenience of having two classes on the same day, along with the option to access recording sessions, facilitated a smoother learning experience.  

The utilization of simulation software further enhanced my understanding of practical applications. Witnessing the remarkable results stemming from the online setup left me genuinely amazed. 

How was the shift from a specialized Advanced Diploma program to a broader Bachelor’s Degree curriculum?  

To be honest, the complexity is one level higher but all within my initial expectations. However, the flexible time schedule allows me to efficiently complete all my schoolwork, and with unwavering commitment, I am confident that I will successfully navigate through this academic journey. 

Can you share any interesting projects or hands-on experiences that have added to your practical knowledge of mechanical engineering? 

Using the acquired knowledge, I successfully established a household solar system and undertook the task of wiring on my own. The transition from theoretical calculations and planning to practical implementation was genuinely empowering and filled with excitement. 

In what ways has your education with EIT contributed to your understanding of mechanical engineering and its practical applications? 

Having an in-depth understanding of translating knowledge into practice is highly valuable.  

I’ve come to realize the significance of considering all aspects that can influence practical outcomes. While small details might appear inconsequential, in the realm of mechanical engineering, every minutia plays a substantial role.  

Precision in calculations is key to success in engineering. 

Are there specific industry sectors or career paths within mechanical engineering that you’re particularly keen on pursuing after completing your Bachelor’s Degree)? 

Yes, I have specific sectors in mind—Robotics, Computer-Aided Engineering, and Biotechnology. 

Balancing your studies with other commitments can be challenging. How do you manage your academic workload alongside other aspects of your life? 

Initially, it was quite a challenge, but with a well-defined schedule in place and a commitment to sticking to it, I’ve found success.  

Discipline in time management is crucial, and I’ve made a conscious effort not to undermine myself within the system. 

Have you achieved any notable career milestones or experienced career growth since embarking on your educational journey with EIT? 

Yes, job opportunities have become more challenging to secure, especially when facing competitors with similar qualifications and experience.  

I believe my new qualifications will play a crucial role in setting me apart as an applicant, ultimately providing the opportunity to secure better opportunities, particularly as I found myself unemployed in the aftermath of COVID-19

What advice would you offer to students considering further education in mechanical engineering? 

My advice is not to limit yourself, if the aim is excellence in life or engineering, furthering one’s studies invariably opens doors to opportunities and imparts knowledge that allows for expansion.  

Never let go of your dreams, it’s never too late to pursue them. 

On a lighter note, could you share your favorite engineering joke or humorous anecdote related to the field of mechanical engineering? 

One day, Einstein, Newton, and Pascal meet up and decide to play a game of hide and seek. Einstein volunteered to go first. As he counted, Pascal ran away scrambling to find a great hiding place.  

Giddily, he squeezed into a crawl space sure that he would win this time as this was his best hiding spot to date and Newton surely wouldn’t find an equal. Newton, on the other hand, stood right in front of Einstein, pulled out a piece of chalk, and drew a box on the ground of roughly 1×1 meters.  

Once this was completed, he sat down neatly inside the box and waited for Einstein to finish counting. When Einstein opened his eyes, he of course saw Newton and with a bit of disappointment said “I found you Newton, you lose” … but Newton replied, “On the contrary, you are looking at one Newton over a square meter… Pascal loses! 

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