on January 13th, 2020

Ryan Smith is an Engineering Institute of Technology graduate who earned his Advanced Diploma of Biomedical Engineering in 2018. First working in the audio engineering industry, Ryan now works for an American multinational conglomerate in the healthcare industry. His engineering journey proves that, regardless of the discipline, you can go cross-disciplinary based on your passion for technology alone.

After completing a Diploma in Audio Engineering in 2011, Ryan spent six years in the professional audio industry. However, Ryan always had a predisposition to technology, and this keen interest led him to apply for an apprenticeship in electronics.

From that apprenticeship, Ryan was granted a trade qualification in Electronics and Communications. Now equipped with expanded electronic knowledge, he found employment within the biomedical industry. His work now saw him repairing, maintaining, and installing medical equipment.  

Answering why he chose the engineering industry, Ryan said, “I pursued a career in the engineering industry to satisfy my curiosity for technology and problem solving. It’s incredibly fullfilling to be a part of something that benefits the wider community, and I love seeing a challening project come to successful fruition.”

Working in the biomedical field sparked Ryan’s curiosity even further, soon enrolling for the Advanced Diploma of Biomedical Engineering through EIT.

“I chose biomedical engineering to compliment my background in electronics and further understand how technology interplays with anatomy and physiology. The course impacted the way I interact with clinical stuff, empowering me to confidently understand the medical lexicon. I gained a higher appreciation for the devices I work with and their impact on people’s lives.”

His daily responsibilities include installation, repair, and servicing of medical devices in the fields of invasive and diagnostic cardiology, anesthesia, ultrasound, patient monitoring, and maternal-infant care. He is responsible for ensuring new systems are installed to Australian and global standards before clinical use. After installations have been done, he has to ensure those machines keep on functioning — which includes preventative maintenance and corrective repairs.

Life after EIT

Ryan is now actively building on his skills set within the biomedical sector. He has started an Associate Degree in Science, focusing on biological and information technology.

“I have an elevated level of confidence in my day-to-day work life, thanks to my qualifications. It’s opened up various avenues for my career and inspired me to continue studying in the biomedical sciences field.”

Ryan says that employers have reacted positively to his qualification from EIT. He says it has increased his visibility in the biomedical field and has opened various avenues for his career progression. EIT’s novel online training methodology allows students to progress in their careers while also gaining their qualifications.

When he is not busy at work in his engineering role, he fills his spare time with being an engineering hobbyist, keeping fit and reading. He says he enjoys designing PCBs for audio devices, long distance running and his favorite author is Dostoevsky.

When asked if he would recommend a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to young people, Ryan said, “Absolutely! Technology is constantly changing. A career in these fields keeps your mind constantly engaged and developing new skills and knowledge.”

Thanks to the qualification from EIT, and his appetite for continued studying, Ryan’s career prospects are looking brighter and brighter. It seems that the biomedical industry has inspired him to continue trying to utilize technology to make people’s lives better. When asked about how he sees his career maturing in the upcoming years, he said:

“In the upcoming years, I see myself involved in training and development in the biomedical field. One thing I love about learning things is being able to pass that knowledge on. Teaching and development is a strong way to reinforce your own learning and constantly keep yourself in check.”

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