on January 11th, 2022

Making Perth his educational home.

Student experiences the world over changed during 2020 and 2021 when COVID-19 changed a lot of student delivery systems, but EIT Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) student Felix Okoh is a testament that combining on-campus and online experiences pay off.

Felix Okoh. Picture: Supplied

Felix is one of EIT’s students at our Perth campus where he’s a familiar face thanks to his involvement on campus (he plays football) but also the fact that he will certainly say “hello” when passing you.

Felix joined EIT from Nigeria, and one important part of climatizing not only to Western Australia as a student, but also managing his studies within engineering has been having a dedicated Learning Support Officer (LSO).

At EIT the LSO and student relationship are important, and for Felix, it started with guiding him to become an on-campus student.

Once he walked through the doors the relationship didn’t cease to be, in fact with a dedicated LSO by his side he managed to achieve his goals.

As he puts it; “Learning support officers (LSO) are life support in terms of studies at EIT. They are always ready to grant the needed assistance promptly.”

We asked Felix about his experience and his advice to first-year students making the EIT campus their educational home in 2022.

What are you studying, and what made you want to do the course?

I am busy with a Master of Engineering in Industrial Automation. I have my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, after my degree, I had a job that actually exposed me to controls and instrumentation within the oil and gas field, where I nurtured the desire to study Industrial Automation for a higher degree.

Where do you stay?

I live in Wilson, a suburb next to where the EIT Perth campus is located. My house is 10 minute walk to campus.

What sort of activities do you take part in around campus?

I played soccer.

What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced being on campus?

Being on campus has been an amazing experience, I have been able to integrate among people of different backgrounds and cultures, it also helped in expanding my network professionally.

What is one of the cheat codes you’ve figured out about campus life?

Say “hi” or “hello”. As simple as it is the best ice breaker to earn a good conversation that will be productive.

Felix's Experience online and on campus

How do you think being an on-campus student benefited you in terms of working as an engineer in the field again?

EIT trusted me a lot by including me in the team that did the installation and system configuration of one of the most recent pieces of equipment for the automation laboratory. That experience alone is a great start for me as a young engineer. This opportunity only knocked because I am a campus student.

How did you cope during 2021 combining education, work and life in general, and how will you apply yourself in 2022?

The only secret in combining academics, work and life is based on good planning and discipline. I’ll carry that same mentality and hopefully, get through 2022 stronger.

What are some things you have to give up to succeed in your demanding schedule?

Sleeping for only four hours a day, week in, week out, has become normal.

How do you unwind and are there specific activities you enjoy?

The best way I unwind and destress is through sports and playing soccer on a gaming console. The game I play purely for fun is Badminton and I enjoy doing it… it’s great fun for me.

What do you love about your field of engineering?

The idea of brainstorming is to make life easier and safer for everyone.

You’re planning an office event and you can select any speaker (living or dead), who would you invite and why?

I will go for Denzel Washington. He is such a great motivator and passionate about what he does, his choice of words is superb no matter the audience.

Do you have a favourite engineering joke you like to tell?

What do you consider to be the craziest city? Electricity…

What do you read or watch regularly?

I read history books or those documenting certain experiences. But I prefer to watch comedy movies or skits.

What’s your best advice to the first-year on-campus student?

My best advice to first-year students is to have a can-do spirit. Also, make good and rational decisions and be very disciplined.

What was the one moment in your life you knew you’re interested in engineering?

My passion developed for engineering when I discovered how inquisitive I was. Also how I love to criticize or analyze things in seeing how better they could be from what it is already.

Do you think you’ll continue to study, and why?

Life is a journey of continuous learning; therefore, I will keep studying

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