on October 11th, 2023

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) has once again demonstrated its commitment to advancing the field of engineering with the resounding success of the third Doctor of Engineering (DEng) Conference, held on September 20th and 21st, 2023.  

This two-day event, coordinated by experts in the field, brought together a diverse range of sessions, promising to be an enlightening and informative experience for attendees. 

Day 1: A Journey Through Engineering Excellence 

The conference opened with an insightful session led by Dr. Vishal Sharma, providing an overview of EIT, and DEng, and introducing the distinguished speakers.  

Dr. Steve Mackay, Dean of EIT, then took the stage to deliver a captivating presentation on “Transforming Engineering with AI.” He highlighted the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of engineering. 

Dr. Vincent Wang, another keynote speaker, tackled the crucial subject of “Structural Damage Prognosis for In-Service Civil Structures Against Hazards.” His presentation addressed pressing engineering challenges and the innovative solutions required to address them.  

The day continued with engaging student presentations by Ehidiame Ibazebo and Sherwin Villaruz, both of whom showcased cutting-edge research that left the audience inspired. 

The second session of the day, adeptly coordinated by Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman, focused on contemporary challenges in the engineering landscape.  

Dr. Amit Agarwal discussed “Contemporary Challenges in Drone Intelligence, HF Radio Cybersecurity, and Digital Agriculture,” shedding light on emerging technologies that are poised to revolutionize the industry. 

Prof. Noe Gaudencio Alba Baena added his expertise to the session with valuable insights on “The Challenge of Nanocomposites for Industrial Applications.” This insightful session also featured student presentations by Tanveer Zafar, Abimbola Ogunlade, Mistreselasie Abate, and George Eduful, all of whom captivated the audience with their research findings, highlighting the immense potential in the engineering field. 

Day 2: Research and Innovation Take Center Stage 

Under the coordination of Dr. Shasha Wang, the conference’s second day commenced with an engaging first session.  

Prof. Akhtar Kalam’s presentation on “Decarbonizing the Australian Economy” addressed crucial environmental and economic aspects, emphasizing the need to embrace sustainability and innovation. 

The session continued with students Vitalis E. Eseonu, Richard Data, and student ambassador Jules Bekoka-Botomba sharing their research projects, which showcased innovation and sustainability at its best.  

The session reached its climax with the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) presentations by Garth Greubel, the Runner-up prize winner, Mistreselasie Abate, Tanveer Zafar, and Jules Bekoka-Botomba, who secured the 1st prize.  

These presentations encapsulated the depth and breadth of research presented at the conference. 

Ethical Research Practices and Beyond 

The conference’s final segment on September 21st, 2023, featured a series of workshops coordinated by Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman.  

These workshops delved into essential topics, including “Academic and Research Ethics and Integrity” by Dr. Arti Siddhpura and “Referencing and Citing Papers” by Dr. Ana Evangelista, underlining the significance of ethical research practices and proper citation techniques. 

The conference report was expertly delivered by Dr. Vishal Sharma, and Deputy Dean Indumathi V’s closing remarks added a touch of brilliance to the conference, leaving attendees inspired and impressed. Her words showcased her leadership and dedication to EIT. 

A Bright Future for the DEng Conference 

The 3rd DEng Conference proved to be an enlightening and informative event that brought together experts, students, and researchers to share knowledge and insights across various engineering disciplines.  

The anticipation for future editions of this conference is high, as it continues to foster innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the engineering field.  

With the participation of inspiring individuals like Jules Bekoka-Botomba and Garth Greubel, the DEng Conference is set to remain a beacon of excellence in the realm of engineering. 

Keep an eye out for the next DEng Conference here.

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