on December 2nd, 2021

With over ten years of experience providing engineering education, the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) continues to create pathways and opportunities for aspiring engineers that help close the gap between education and the professional workplace.

EIT has introduced the Doctorate Research Scholarship for candidates seeking commencement in its Professional On-Campus Doctor of Engineering program starting 2022. This is the first scholarship to subsidize each semester’s fees (applicant needs to re-apply) offered by EIT in hopes of maximizing the incentives benefiting students. 

Open globally to engineers both within and outside of Australia, this scholarship prioritizes qualifying students with a record of academic excellence and high achievement. 

“I wanted to obtain the highest level in my engineering career which will allow me to consistently advise and train young engineering graduates. I will further utilize my Doctor of Engineering qualification for research and development.”

Martin Masemola
Doctor of Engineering Candidate

Part of this scholarship is also an opportunity to step into academia through a Paid Teaching Assistantship. The learnings for benefiting students will go beyond academic research work while being paid for duties performed under the assistantship. We understand how important quality and professional guidance is across all engineering academic journeys, so students will also be connected to supervisors with industry-rich knowledge to oversee their research work regularly.

The Doctorate Research Scholarship Offers: 

  • Tuition fees covered by EIT for each semester*
    *Applicant will need to re-apply at the end of each term/semester
  • Paid Teaching Assistantship
  • Opportunities to be connected to professional supervisors with industry-rich knowledge
  • Study at one of EIT’s Australian campuses (Perth or Melbourne)
    Following announcements on the opening of Australian borders, EIT will be welcoming international candidates onto our Australian campuses should they chose to commence their program on-campus.

This is a unique opportunity for any student looking to start the EIT Doctor of Engineering. Only 4 scholarships per running semester are offered, 2 spots across Perth and 2 spots across Melbourne. We highly encourage all qualified and interested candidates across the globe to apply. 

For more information on the Doctorate Research Scholarship, visit the scholarship page.

View the On-Campus Doctor of Engineering course information and apply here.

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