on December 7th, 2023

Immerse yourself in the secrets behind the creation of these remarkable submerged structures, where innovation and engineering converge to redefine the very essence of luxury travel.

As 2023 bids farewell and the well-deserved festive break beckons, let’s shift our focus from ordinary holiday destinations to extraordinary hotel experiences.

Brace yourself for a journey into the depths of engineering genius with these five mind-blowing underwater hotels.

Underwater Hotel: The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Underwater Hotels: The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, The Maldives

Belonging to the Conrad Hotel Resort in the Maldives, Ithaa is not just a restaurant; it’s the world’s first underwater dining experience. Submerged 16 feet (5 meters) beneath the water, this architectural wonder was initially envisioned as a conventional structure.

However, architect Mike Murphy’s daring vision led to a breathtaking 16-by-30 foot (5-by-9 meters) acrylic tunnel. This innovation, opening in April 2005, allows guests to dine with a 360-degree view of the underwater world.

A true testament to pushing boundaries, Ithaa can even be booked for overnight stays.

The Utter Inn, Sweden: Sleep Beneath the Surface

Sweden’s Utter Inn is not your typical underwater hotel; it’s a floating cottage with a secret. Designed by artist Mikael Genburg, this quaint inn features a cozy bedroom extending ten feet beneath the surface of Lake Mälaren.

With a deceptive exterior, the top deck offers sunbathing and a compact kitchen, while below, two single beds provide spectacular views of marine life. Open since 2000, Utter Inn offers a unique blend of Scandinavian style with an underwater twist.

The Manta Resort, Tanzania: Dive into Secluded Luxury

Off the coast of Zanzibar, The Manta Resort’s submerged room stands as a pinnacle of underwater luxury. Crafted by Genberg Underwater Hotels, it comprises three levels, with the lowest submerged 13 feet (4 meters) beneath the sea’s surface.

Embracing eco-conscious design, the outer walls encourage coral growth, fostering marine life. Equipped with underwater spotlights for nocturnal sea views, The Manta Resort aims to benefit, not disrupt, the local ecosystem and provide guests with a private floating island.

Officially opened to guests on 1 November 2013, it is the only underwater space within the now 17-room resort so booking ahead is essential.

Submerged hotels: The Manta Resort

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA: America’s Exclusive Underwater Retreat

Originally a research laboratory, Jules’ Undersea Lodge which opened in 1986, now stands as the only underwater hotel in the United States. Accessible only through scuba diving, this submerged haven sits five feet above the lagoon’s bottom.

Offering scuba lessons to first-time visitors, it provides a unique blend of adventure and luxury. With amenities like air conditioning and internet, Jules’ Undersea Lodge showcases innovation beneath the waves.

Submerges room at Atlantis, The Palm Resort, in Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm Resort, Dubai: Luxury Lagoon Suites

Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm, is synonymous with opulence, and its signature suites redefine luxury. While not strictly underwater, these suites offer floor-to-ceiling views of the

Ambassador Lagoon is home to 65,000 marine animals.
Designed by Wimberley, Allison, Tong, and Woo, the resort captures Arabic aesthetics, weaving in the legend of Atlantis.

Completed in 2008 on the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island, it’s a destination where luxury meets marine marvel.

A Pricy Yet Priceless Engineering Pursuit

These underwater marvels come with a hefty price tag, but the engineering brilliance behind them justifies every penny. Building beneath the water demands top-notch skills and safety measures. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the construction of an underwater hotel is the issue of water pressure.

With some proposed hotels aiming to be located as much as 40 feet (12 meters) beneath the water’s surface, materials that can withstand this pressure, while still allowing for superb underwater views, are an absolute must.

Architects and engineers also play a pivotal role in ensuring not just luxury but the preservation of marine ecosystems.
While fully submerged, multi-room hotels might be a future dream, current architectural concepts are swiftly attracting investments, promising an exciting future beneath the waves.


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