on June 5th, 2023

Pique your interest with emerging jobs that were non-existent five years ago but are shaping the future of engineering careers.

Over the past five years, industries have been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations driven by the driving force of technology. Engineers, in particular, have witnessed the profound impact of technological advancements, which have rendered specific traditional engineering roles obsolete and presented them with exciting opportunities to embrace entirely new and unimaginable positions.

These highly sought-after jobs within the engineering sphere have harnessed the power of technology and strongly emphasized sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. From designing cutting-edge software and engineering solutions to developing clean energy technologies and transportation systems, engineers have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of various industries.

In this article, we will delve into the future job prospects that have experienced significant demand in the Australian job market over the past five years, focusing on roles that capture the interest and expertise of engineers.

Join us as we explore the dynamic landscape of engineering jobs, where engineers have adapted to the technological wave and become drivers of change, ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for industries across various sectors.

The engineering digital space has experienced immense growth.

The Digital Revolution: Design Takes the Lead

The digital space has experienced immense growth, accompanied by various software and design innovations. Prominent digital industries include retail, tech start-ups, financial services, utilities, and telecommunications.

Customer experience lies at the heart of this growth, driving the need for roles like user experience (UX) designers. These professionals enhance usability, accessibility, and enjoyment, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.

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According to the Michael Page Australia 2020 Salary Guide, the following roles were in high demand in the digital sector:
● Product owner/manager
● UX designer
● Email/CRM manager
● Marketing automation manager
● Digital performance manager/specialist

In-Demand: Software Engineering Jobs

Software engineering jobs are in high demand as businesses seek professionals who can design and develop computer systems and applications to address real-world problems. These individuals, also known as software engineers or developers, possess the skills to create user-friendly software and streamline processes.

A career in software engineering appeals to analytical thinkers who enjoy problem-solving and improving digital products. Software engineers leverage their expertise in programming languages, platforms, and system architectures to build diverse applications. They are not only involved in creating software but also play a vital role in testing, enhancing, and maintaining software developed by their peers.

A career in software engineering appeals to analytical thinkers.

In this role, your day-to-day tasks might include: designing and maintaining software systems, evaluating and testing new software programs, optimizing software for speed and scalability, writing and testing code, consulting with clients, engineers, security specialists, and other stakeholders, as well as presenting new features to stakeholders and internal customers.

The Vital Role of Technology

In tandem with the digital revolution, the importance of technology cannot be overstated. Individuals with expertise in cloud software, cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) are in high demand. The public sector, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), financial services, and retail industries are at the forefront of leveraging these new technologies.

As the Seek Employment Report highlighted, job opportunities for cloud architects have soared from 7% to 34% in the past five years. Similarly, data scientist positions have remarkably increased from 5% to 38%.

With numerous high-profile data breaches in recent years, organizations have recognized the significance of on-premise data protection.

According to the Michael Page Australia 2020 Salary Guide, the following roles were highly sought after in the tech sector:
● Software development
● DevOps Engineer
● Cybersecurity
● Data Engineer

Transportation: Innovating for the Future

In an era of electric and self-driving cars, drones, and hyperloops, transportation has reached new heights of innovation.

Professionals with specialized training in self-driving and clean energy cars are in high demand in transport engineering. The rising interest in clean and automated vehicles has created numerous job opportunities. The demand for such professionals will only grow as these vehicles become mainstream.

While drones have existed for some time, their applications have become increasingly diverse. Amazon’s utilization of drones for deliveries in the past five years has spurred other businesses to follow suit. As a result, there is a favorable market for individuals interested in drone operator positions.

transportation has reached new heights of innovation.

Sustainability: Science Meets Responsibility

Companies striving to position themselves as eco-friendly entities place immense importance on sustainability. Consequently, more giant corporations hire sustainability managers to develop environmentally friendly product and service practices.

According to Columbia University, sustainability professionals require the following skill set:
● Up-to-date knowledge of cutting-edge science and planetary discoveries
● Ability to assess the impact of ever-evolving technology on the planet
● Project management experience

Sustainability managers can assist businesses in addressing various concerns, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing waste disposal, minimizing carbon footprints, and conserving energy and water resources.

The rapid pace of innovation is astonishing. It comes as no surprise that in another five years, this list will be outdated, replaced by a new wave of in-demand roles that only existed after.


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