on December 14th, 2022

Finding the perfect present for an engineer can be daunting, especially considering their left-brained logic. This Festive season, we’ve taken the guesswork out of gift work for you.

Whether you are dating or married to an engineer or have a kid, aunt, uncle, or buddy studying engineering, you understand how their minds work. The logic of an engineer can often be more complex than their natural ability to solve complex problems. But how can we not love them and the impactful work they study long and hard to do?

Since it is the time of the year when the exchange of gifts is mandatory, anyone who knows an engineer or engineering student is already wrecking their brains trying to figure out what to get for them. That’s because finding the right gift for a person with a left-brained nature can be quite a mission.

But don’t sweat it. Since we at the Engineering Institute of Technology understand and mentor engineers, we’ve done all the legwork for you. Here are some awesome gift ideas for that future or already seasoned engineer in your life:

A Bionic Robotic Arm

4 Awesome Gift Ideas For Engineers robotic arm
Product by Dfrobot on Dfrobot

The robotic arm has covered a variety of fields, including manufacturing, medical, and security sectors. It plays as an assistant, an operator, or a work partner, just like Iron Man’s sidekick, AI Jarvis. That is why the DFLG6DOF bionic robotic arm consists of six servo motors corresponding to the associate, elbow, wrist (2 degrees of freedom), five joints, and one rotating base in all will make such a fabulous gift for any engineer.

The Sarcastic Electrical Engineer

Either you get it or you won’t, but engineers are usually an excellent combination of sarcasm and intellect. That is why this snarky t-shirt, available in five colors, will be perfect as a gift for an electrical engineer or anyone working with electronics. It displays an electrical circuit diagram, with the words ‘what part of [electrical circuit] don’t you understand?’.

A Masterpiece of Engineering

Artwork by Scott Nelles on Uncommon Goods

Engineers everywhere will agree that the Ferris wheel is a masterpiece of engineering. And this beautifully intricate 28-inch high metal sculpture, created by Scott Nelles, a master cast-bronze sculptor, perfectly captures the magic and motion of a Ferris wheel. This gift will be given a place of pride in any engineer’s personal space. It is made with aluminum and bronze, including a hand crank, so they can see the movement and engineering that goes into the wheel.

Custom Civil Engineer Portrait

Civil engineers will love this because they’re sure to smile every time they look at it. This portrait will be perfect on their workspace, office, or home wall. The picture, drawn in a classic cartoon character style, will show them in a civil engineer setting and will be delivered as a digital file for home printing and framing—also perfect motivation for someone studying hard towards their qualification in this field.

Because it is the time of the year when generosity is in abundance, here is a short video of an additional three gifts for you to choose from when it comes to spoiling the engineers in your life:

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