on October 16th, 2019

Technological advancements are changing the landscape of the engineering industry by creating gaps in practical knowledge. As a result, engineers need to educate themselves continuously to keep up with these innovations. This is especially crucial for those working in multidisciplinary engineering companies.

Micro-credentials are the key to helping graduates stay up-to-date with new technologies across the industry. The continued industrialization of the world is creating incredible opportunities in the engineering industry.

It also means that educational institutions need to stay on top of these changes so they can provide appropriate training. It is no longer about just delivering major qualifications, such as degrees and diplomas — it is about providing professional development to engineers in every stage of their careers.

As the industry changes and areas such as automation and cybersecurity become so much more critical, qualified engineers need flexible and high-quality short courses that hone in on these specific areas.

Engineering professionals see digital technologies that can interface with the Internet of Things, and general automation technologies, changing the face of their workplaces rapidly. These engineering professionals are seeking to build on their skillset while honoring their initial qualifications.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) delivers several professional development courses across different engineering industries. All of these courses are designed by an international body of industry experts, ensuring our students develop cutting-edge skills that are valued by employers around the world. They are kept up-to-date to remain current with rapidly changing technology.

We have a unique delivery model that makes use of live and interactive webinars, an international pool of expert lecturers, dedicated learning support officers, and state-of-the-art technologies such as remote and virtual laboratories, and simulation software. Because we deliver these courses via the Internet, already qualified engineers can gain professional development and form global networks, while balancing life and work commitments. The courses help engineers gain new knowledge in three months, supplementing the skills they already have.


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