Ishmael Muumbe is a two-time, verging on three-time, Engineering Institute of Technology graduate. He studied both his Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation and Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering through EIT after having moved from Zimbabwe to New Zealand to train as an electrician.

Now a technologist, Ishmael is working within the mines in Western Australia and is embarking on a journey of furthering his skills and education in the electrical engineering world. Ishmael’s story is one of looking for opportunity wherever one can find it, and balancing studies, work, and family life.

Ishmael finished high school at Ascot High in Gweru, a city located in central Zimbabwe. At school, he found that he had an affinity for science subjects. After graduation, he had the chance to do an apprenticeship at a Zimbabwean Alloys Chrome Ore smelter plant in Gweru. There he trained as an Electrical Apprentice.

With the expertise that he acquired from working at the plant, Ishmael decided to explore getting electrician jobs in Zimbabwe. Soon, he was working as an electrician.

For a couple of years, he worked as an electrician, but as he kept working, Zimbabwe began suffering a reversal of economic fortunes. Ishmael consequently decided to relocate to New Zealand to seek greener pastures where he would better be able to develop his skill set. Soon, he found himself in a new country with a rapidly advancing technological industry.

He said, “coming from a third world country, I realized that the technology in electrical engineering was so dynamic and to keep up, I had to further my education. That was not going to be an easy task — finding studies that I could do while working full-time and while providing for my family.” 

Ishmael began researching distance learning institutions that could assist with growing his knowledge while gaining the practical experience he was hoping to acquire through working in New Zealand. Soon, he stumbled upon an institution that fit his needs: the Engineering Institute of Technology.

He enrolled for the Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation and followed that up with a Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering. The two qualifications have equipped him with the skills necessary to deal with the automation making its way into the electrical engineering industry.

He then took advantage of the mining boom in Western Australia. He currently works in the mines for Fortescue Metals Group in the Pilbara region in WA. His daily responsibilities include service, repair, and maintenance of the electrical mining processing plant. This consists of all of the crushers, conveyor systems, and all associated automated equipment. 

“Studying online has made me manage my life in a great way. I enjoy work life, family time, and study time at the same time. It’s not always easy to study online though. One must develop great time management skills, especially to ensure you stay on top of your studies.”

Ishmael says he would encourage any young person to pursue a job in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) industries due to engineering’s role as the backbone of technological innovations.

“The studies I have completed with EIT have made me appreciate and understand how electrical engineering and automation merge,” he concluded.

Ishmael has enrolled for the Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) with EIT, which he will be starting in early 2020.

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