Fortune Chipeta was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He earned his Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation with the Engineering Institute of Technology between 2014 and 2015. The Advanced Diploma is now one of many qualifications Fortune has amassed across his engineering career.  

Fortune loves the world of engineering, particularly in the electrical realm. However, he was quick to discover that automation was revolutionizing the industry he had always adored. He is now working towards that dream of being an engineer in the exact cross-section where electrical engineering and automation meet. He says:

“I love making and implementing practical solutions to everyday problems and electricity and technology fascinates me.”

After graduating from high school, he enrolled for a National Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering at Westgate Industrial Training College. A straight-A student in high school, Fortune passed the 3-year course with distinctions in 2004. During that time he was posted out for a one-year industrial attachment at Bulawayo Cold Storage Company. He says:

“It was during this time working on the then state-of-the-art abattoir that I fell in love with industrial controls and electrical systems.”

In 2005, Fortune enrolled for a full-time National Diploma in Electrical Power Engineering at Bulawayo Polytechnic College. It was there that he furthered his knowledge of industrial electronics, digital electronics and control systems.

Fortune then made the move to live in South Africa, finding a job in the construction industry as an installation electrical on commercial building sites. He said:

“This was a very enlightening period in my career as I totally deviated from my dream of a future in electrical, but I gained exposure in home automation systems. In 2009, I got an opportunity at a steel company as an industrial electrician and was back into an industrial environment”.

Change of fortune

Fortune had reached a crossroads. He was gaining practical knowledge but still wanted to future-proof his career. Suddenly, the answer became clear. He said:

“In 2014 I heard of the Engineering Institute of Technology from a friend. It was a good solution to my hectic professional life. Naturally, I enrolled for the Advanced Diploma in Industrial Automation as that’s what I was passionate about”.

Fortune is currently employed as an Industrial Electrician and Automation Technician. His daily responsibilities include factory maintenance and electrical projects. He assists and leads a 12 man team who provide solutions to any problems that may arise whilst perform the aforementioned tasks.

As Fortune continues to work hard at furthering his career, he tries to display the best version of himself in the workplace so others can learn from him. He concluded:

“After EIT, everything is much easier to understand now and solutions to challenges come effortlessly. Now my employers marvel at the ease with which my professional abilities have improved. I am definitely aiming to be the best there is in Industrial Automation and be able to inspire young industrial technicians.”

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