Phillippus Roedolf (Rudy) Botha is the Managing Director of Victory Business Ventures — a family-owned construction company. He is also an Engineering Institute of Technology alumnus, having completed our 52724WA - Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering in 2020. With his career trajectory in mind, Rudy has been working to both gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical work experience to achieve more sophisticated and management roles within industry.

Rudy achieved his Matric Certificate at Southdowns College in 2013. Unsure of the career path he wanted to follow, he decided to take a gap year in 2014. The year after that, he enrolled in Damelin College, to study a Diploma in Civil Engineering. Rudy had zeroed in on his newfound passion.

"I have always been fascinated with the structural features of buildings and the manner in which they are created. I have always felt a passion to be able to create buildings and structures of my own that will stand as reminders of my achievements in this industry," Rudy explains.

In 2017, he began working for Kalcon (WBHO) in Botswana at Karowe Mine as a student engineer, where his primary role was quality assurance with regards to civil works. In the middle of the year, Rudy went back to Damelin to rewrite two subjects, which finally earned him his Diploma in Civil Engineering.

At the end of 2017, the Karowe Mine project ended, leaving Rudy to search for a new engineering role. He had his sights set on DRA Global. The company is a multi-disciplinary global engineering group delivering mining, mineral processing, energy, agriculture, water treatment, and infrastructure services from concept, to commissioning and comprehensive operations and maintenance services. He applied to the company and was employed soon after.

He began working for DRA Global at Bisie Tin Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a Junior Site Supervisor. His role was to supervise the contractors doing civil and earthworks.

"While I was with DRA Global, they mentioned an opportunity to work in a management role at the head office if I furthered my studies," Rudy explained.

"I decided that I wanted to advance my studies in the engineering industry while providing myself with better working opportunities." Consequently, he set out to begin developing his skill set and gain new insights into the management of civil engineering projects. He registered with the Engineering Institute of Technology at the start of 2018, and began earning his 52724WA - Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering.

At the end of 2018, the civil and earthworks department was nearing completion at Bisie Tin Mine. Even though Rudy’s future with DRA Global looked promising, he saw potential in the family business in Botswana. In 2019, he decided to take over his father’s construction company in Botswana. He was also approached by Fresh Camp Services to take the role of Construction Manager in where they constructed flatpack units at the Khoemacau Mine in Botswana. He agreed to the project and worked with Fresh Camp Services under the family business until the contract came to an end in April 2020.

Now working with his family's business, Rudy is in charge of tendering for various new construction projects. He also has a role in the planning, costing, and management of the projects his company is involved in. Rudy notes that one of the most fascinating developments in the civil engineering industry has been the updating of design software that has made the entire construction process more efficient.

In Rudy's mind, the future's looking bright. He is an engineering professional who has taken charge of the development of both his qualifications and his work experience. He has boots-on-the-ground since finding his passion for the construction industry. He continues to find ways of innovating in the industry and ensuring the family company keeps finding success.

"I see my company taking on various new projects and leading the construction industry in Botswana, while being open to other international opportunities that may arise. I am looking to study further in order to obtain a Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering), which will once again diversify the job opportunities that are available to me and my company," Rudy concluded.

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