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EIT has a range of informational and technical videos which can be viewed here. Some of the most popular video topics include: Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of PLC Programming... View Article

What is the difference between MAC address and IP address? Both the addresses represent a unique node (computer or any other machine) in the network. Each node in the IP... View Article

EIT maintains strong ties with industry to ensure our graduates gain the cutting-edge skills that are valued by employers around the world and our program content remains current. Aligned with... View Article

Decades of experience training engineers, technicians and technologists around the world has enabled us to build a collection of resources including various presentation slides and webinars on a range or... View Article

The acclaimed engineering pocket guides are bursting with over 500 pages of valuable know-how. Developed by our sister training company, IDC Technologies, they are specific to key areas of engineering... View Article

This manual covers the main aspects of TCP/IP and Ethernet in detail, including practical implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

This manual outlines the best practice in designing, installing, commissioning and troubleshooting industrial data communications systems.

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