Dr Pouyan Abbasimaedeh

Dr. Pouyan Abbasimaedeh is a seasoned academic and industry expert with over 20 years of experience.

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Avril Adendorff

Avril Adendorff is an EIT’s Engineering Consultant with over 38 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Avril has invented and built the unifridge which…

Deepak Pais

Deepak is a Chartered Professional Electrical Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia. He has a wealth of experience in Asset Management…

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Professor Akhtar Kalam

Professor Akhtar Kalam is a supervisor of EIT’s Doctoral students. He has been at Victoria University in Melbourne since 1985 and was formerly Deputy Dean…

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Dr Hossein Tafti

Dr Hossein Tafti is an on-campus lecturer at EIT’s Perth campus in Electrical Engineering. He brings a great depth and breadth of industry experience and…

Dr Vishal Sharma

Dr Vishal Sharma is a Senior On-Campus Lecturer and Doctoral Research Coordinator at EIT, with over 25 years of experiences in teaching and research in…

Dr. Dipali R. Shende

Dr. Dipali R. Shende has 16 years of teaching, research and management experience. Previously, she has worked as a member of different university and college…

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Dr Rodney Jacobs

Dr Rodney Jacobs is based in the middle regions of South Africa, and has been involved as an instructor for the EIT group since 2004….

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Ahmad Firouzianhaji

Dr. Ahmad Firouzianhaji is a Lecturer and Unit Coordinator in Civil and Structural Engineering. Holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering, Dr. Firouzianhaji completed…


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