Dr Rodney Jacobs is based in the middle regions of South Africa, and has been involved as an instructor for the EIT group since 2004. His area of expertise includes all aspects of process control (PLC, SCADA, DCS, Loop tuning, as well as multiple facets of electrical engineering). Jacobs was one of the original pioneers of e-learning, when EIT took it’s first steps into what would become a global phenomenon. Not only has he seen e-learning grow to what it is today, but he has seen the major e-learning packages transform, in order to keep up with the high-tech requirements and understands what it needed, to deliver effective presentations. He has a passion for knowledge transfer and a soft spot for “gadgets and technology”.

Jacobs currently does hundreds of e-sessions per year for EIT (sometimes up to five sessions per day, at all times of the day or night), and is active as a consultant to industry. His motto is “find a job you love, and you never work a day in your life”. Due to the nature of his work, he has presented live EIT e-sessions from many varied locations in a multitude of countries  – in food courts, airport lounges, departure areas waiting to board a flight with minutes to spare, up in many different international hotels, next to pools, whilst out on safari looking out at elephants, buffalo, giraffe, crocodiles, etc. At least twice per year, he presents e-sessions whilst observing the world-renowned African sunsets whilst on safari. It is not unusual for him to do e-sessions, whilst overlooking some of the most famous international landmarks in the background. 

Currently, Jacobs is presenting for the BSc group, as well as numerous diploma and certificate modules.

Publications and News

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