on January 9th, 2018

EIT is proud to announce that six of our Online Engineering degrees have been provisionally accredited by Engineers Australia under the Sydney and Washington accords.

  • Online BSc degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Automation Engineering under the Sydney accord, and
  • Online Engineering Master degrees in Industrial Automation and Electrical Systems under the Washington accord.


This means these EIT degrees are now internationally recognized under the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) accords and the various signatories (https://www.ieagreements.org/accords/washington/signatories/).


EIT students can study these courses online, anywhere in the world and receive an Australian Qualification accredited and endorsed by the Australian government, as well as Engineers Australia.


This provisional accreditation is conditionally accorded and applicable to students enrolled in these online courses from 2017 onward. EIT will be applying to Engineers Australia for approval of the campus-based offerings of these same courses in 2018.


With this accreditation in place, the quality and standard of EIT’s degrees are undoubtedly world class.


To view our training schedule, please visit: https://www.eit.edu.au/cms/schedule.

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