on June 10th, 2020

The Engineering Institute of Technology will soon be rolling out a new flagship Professional Doctor of Engineering qualification for engineering professionals looking to contribute to the development of their specific engineering disciplines. We are proud to announce that Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), has approved the Engineering Institute of Technology’s Professional Doctor of Engineering for delivery in 2021. EIT’s doctorate provides engineering professionals the opportunity to solve a problem or develop an improvement to an engineering challenge in their employment.

Students will soon be able to apply for the Professional Doctor of Engineering and take a leading role in the research and development of the specific industries that they are involved in - with the assurance that they will be professionally recognized as Doctors of Engineering upon completion of the program. The Engineering Institute of Technology now delivers programs for the entire academic journey of technicians, technologists, and professional engineers from short courses, diplomas, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, through to professional doctorate-status.

Creating innovative solutions to technological problems in society is what engineers are constantly aspiring to do. However, some engineers find themselves deeply embedded in academia and yearn to innovate and perform practical innovations in industry.  The EIT Professional Doctor of Engineering (DEng) will allow engineers to be able to make original and significant contributions to the development, application, and evaluation of professional knowledge by engaging with practical problems of demonstrated importance to their employment context and the wider body of engineering and technical knowledge.  Successful completion of the program will equip graduates to take a leading role in the development of research investigations into current and future problems of industrial and community concern within their area of expertise. The program will give candidates the skills and experience to act as independent researchers or group leaders for investigations of practical importance in their professional area over their professional life.

Who should apply for EIT’s Doctorate?

The Deputy Dean of the Engineering Institute of Technology, Indumathi V, says she is looking forward to seeing what kind of professionals apply for the Doctor of Engineering. Professionals with four-year bachelor’s degrees and significant work experience or a master’s degree in engineering may be eligible to apply for EIT’s Doctor of Engineering program.

“Australian and international professionals in pretty much any engineering industry can apply. If you are from construction, transportation, manufacturing, power, mining — you name it. They could even be a person who is perhaps working in an engineering consulting firm, and might be seeing a recurring engineering problem they are trying to solve,” she said.

Prospective students from countries outside of Australia, who are keen to study and ultimately work in Australia, can begin work on their Doctorate via EIT’s unique online methodology in their home country and have the option of applying to transition to an EIT campus in Perth or Melbourne.

Indumathi is currently pursuing her Ph.D. on the topic of Engineering and Education at the University of Southern Queensland. Her research work includes looking at how institutes can combine technologies to assist students and teachers in the learning environment.  Her expertise in this field will be translated into the EIT Professional Doctor of Engineering delivery methodology.

Why should you apply?

EIT’s Doctor of Engineering program is unique in comparison to a traditional Doctor of Philosophy, which is particularly academic research focused.  In contrast, EIT’s doctorate centers around applied research and allows students to make a significant and original contribution through innovative problem solving, engineering design, and analysis, furthering the professional practice.

Upon completion of the doctorate, the engineer will have gained skills and knowledge that will further enable them to perform technical investigation, apply their research, and develop solutions to the problems they have set out to grapple with. A Doctor of Engineering qualification will also open up new opportunities for employability within the engineering industry. It is the highest academic award in engineering, and the Doctor of Engineering gives formal recognition to engineers, enhancing their professional standing.

Another benefit of pursuing EIT’s Doctor of Engineering is the program’s cost-effectiveness. When compared with the traditional cost of a Ph.D., EIT’s solution presents a unique opportunity for passionate engineers who are looking for a new way of acquiring their ‘doctor’ status.

This program is highly recommended for engineering professionals who have a passion for engineering and want to contribute to the profession through original contribution of knowledge within the context of professional practice. It can include engineering professionals from any engineering field.

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