on April 29th, 2021
Pictured: Robert Snaith

Great teachers inspire, and Robert Snaith led the charge in his field of mechanical engineering.

Rob joined EIT back in 2005; from the very beginning, his passion for the subject and his students was evident. His experience in fluid system engineering, coupled with his management expertise, made him an international design and troubleshooting guru in his field.

Over the years he generously shared his knowledge with future engineers, engaging them in the world of fluid engineering specialization, design, and transport. During his 16 years with EIT, he directly influenced the careers and development of many thousands of engineers – a legacy that will extend to future generations.

EIT remembers Robert as an exceptional and dedicated instructor who added tremendous value to the EIT learning experience.

The Robert Snaith Scholarship for Aspiring Technicians commemorates Rob's impact during his 16-year tenure at EIT. It aims to provide technicians with the opportunity to further their studies in engineering.

The scholarship is open to students who have applied for, and received provisional confirmation to study an Advanced Diploma with EIT.

To find out about the new scholarship, click here.

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