on April 22nd, 2019

Buildings demand a significant amount of energy during their life cycles, hence, effective design measures need to be adopted to ensure efficient energy usage and management in buildings.

This study proposes a framework based on various performance parameters to enable decision-makers utilizing standard procedures and software to empower the process of sustainable energy use and management in buildings, through a parametric analysis in different climatic conditions.

Experimental design is adopted within the framework via the use of various performance parameters related to the building design (i.e., construction materials for exterior walls and roofs, as well as a set of window-to-wall ratios).

Results indicate that climate data plays a fundamental role in the choice of design factors that are best suited for effective energy consumption in buildings.

In particular, sub-type climate classifications, as opposed to the primary climate group, have a minor influence.

Around 15% improvement in the energy consumption in buildings is noticed due to changes to the design factor such as the window-to-wall ratio.

Insights that can be gleaned from this study include the impact of space area, exterior openings and material thickness and choice for the envelope of the building in all climate classifications, aiding in the design of low-energy buildings.

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