on March 15th, 2021

When you decide to enrol in a program and start studying you are investing time and money into your future goals. While engineers are currently in high-demand, professional selection criteria is becoming increasingly competitive. Hard work and good grades are no longer enough to set yourself apart in the industry. As one of Dyson’s successful engineers commented ‘It’s not always the most intelligent student that makes the best engineer’

This month we came up with a few points that will help you stand out from the crowd:

1- Create a competitive CV

As an engineer, your résumé becomes a marketing tool that will emphasize your assets. In addition to taking classes, making time for extracurricular activities or commitments can be beneficial for your professional résumé.

Including extracurricular activities can help to promote yourself as a well-rounded and competent individual. Helping to develop valuable skills and qualities, relevant and appropriate commitments can help to emphasize your employability. At EIT, we offer students the opportunity to take part in the Student Ambassador program.

Open to both current students and alumni, this prestigious position combines professional development and personal growth with the opportunity to mentor current and future EIT students. Becoming the Student Ambassador is your chance to build your professional network, speak about your studying experience, develop interpersonal skills, and of course improve your CV.

2- Grow your technical skills and knowledge

As an engineer, it is important to take every opportunity you have to expand and grow your skills and knowledge. As mentioned in one of our recent articles, engineering is a lifelong learning journey and as the digital revolution continues to transform the field, engineers require a higher level of skills, expertise and dedication. 

EIT’s 3-month Professional Certificates of Competency, allow industry professionals the opportunity to upskill within evolving engineering specializations. Pursuing professional development is an important undertaking, helping to develop wider competencies and advanced understandings in areas related to your engineering career.

Maximizing the full potential of online learning and development is one of the easiest yet most affordable ways of enhancing an engineer’s skills.

3- Develop your soft skills

Engineers have a tendency to focus on their technical skills and largely ignore their soft skills. The ability to communicate, work in teams, think creatively and adapt to challenging situations are essential in the modern workplace. Here are some of the soft skills you should look at mastering to improve your engineering career prospects:

Communication: The ability to make an impact through engineering rests primarily in your ability to communicate your work. If you can’t convey your ideas and plans effectively, you will be much less effective as a technical professional. 

Creativity: One thing that robots and machines cannot yet do better than humans is creativity and innovation. The very nature of engineering requires out-of-the-box thinking, which is what makes creativity so important. Without a curious outlook, engineers cannot consistently invent new solutions or make previously unnoticed connections.

Teamwork: Engineers almost never work alone which is what makes teamwork an essential skill. You will need to be able to work collaboratively with different types of people at every level, both internally and externally to your place of work. 

4- Build a network

Building your network and developing professional relationships is important to advance your career regardless of your job is. Knowing the right people can help you both progress your career and assist in finding new opportunities.

At EIT, all our lecturers are highly experienced engineers and subject specialists. Whether you are an on-campus or online student, building connections with your lecturers is one of the best ways to get the most out of your studying experience and learn more about the engineering industry.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful modern tools for networking within the engineering industry. So, make sure your profile is up-to-date to ensure you are putting your best foot forward. 

5- Gain hands-on experience

Students can embrace the opportunity to see what the life of an engineer is really like through a positive internship experience.

From July 2021, EIT will provide all on-campus students, 240 hours of work integrated learning at no extra cost.  This will provide an outstanding opportunity to gain Australian experience in a professional organization relevant to your field of engineering and will improve your employability post completion of your degree.

To learn more about the benefits of undertaking an internship read our recent news articles Practical Positive of the Engineering Internship.

6- Be passionate

Believing in your own ability is a crucial element that will keep you committed to your projects and help you turn ideas into reality.  A passionate outlook will give you the determination to not give up.

Alongside all the skills listed above, passion and self-confidence are essential for a better and brighter career. Passionate engineers tend be more determined and highly motivated to continuously develop their hard and soft skills to advance their knowledge and abilities.

EIT courses are structured to prepare for a rapidly changing and developing workforce. We have many different study options that will help you remain competitive within the industry.

Whether you study online or on-campus you will interact with other similarly passionate peers. If you want to hear inspiring student success stories from graduates, visit: Engineering Institute of Technology – Student Success : EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology

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