on February 11th, 2021

Together, BHP and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment have formed the Future of Work Program to promote educational pathways in regional areas and help support Australia’s road to economic recovery.

BHP is investing up to $30 million to create 1,000 skills development opportunities through advanced apprenticeships and short courses, designed for students to help prepare regional workforces for the future and support local efforts to overcome economic challenges brought about by COVID-19.

If you meet the eligibility and course criteria, you’ll gain the opportunity to have your student contribution covered and you may be eligible for assistance relating to other expenses.

What makes you eligible?

  • Reside in one of the following regional areas:

    – Bowen Basin and Mackay in Queensland
    – Upper Spencer Gulf and Roxby Downs in South Australia
    – The Pilbara and the Gold Fields in Western Australia
    – The Hunter Region in New South Wales
  • Be currently enrolled, in the process of enrolling or considering enrolling in a short course.

The application process

  1. Access the application form here
  2. Reach out to applications@regionalfutureofwork.com for further information if needed
  3. Complete the short online application
  4. If shortlisted, provide evidence of your enrollment and place of residence
  5. Receive an offer

Please note applications for the semester 1 program close: 26 February, 2021.

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