Felix’s Experience: Transition from Online to On-Campus Study

Originally from Nigeria, Felix Okoh is a current on-campus Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) student who began his EIT learning journey online. He is now based in Perth in Western Australia and this month we had the pleasure of hearing about his experience from starting his studies online before transferring to on-campus.

Why did you select EIT as your education provider?

Before joining I did extensive research on different institutes. I chose EIT because of their specialization in engineering, their more affordable tuition fees and the accreditation of their programs.

What made you choose the Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)?

With my experience in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, combined with a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I decided Industrial Automation is one of the fields that will keep me competitive within a wide range of opportunities. Industrial Automation is also a good bridge between the mechanical and electrical fields.

What was your experience with EIT’s online mode of delivery?

There is no difference between online and on-campus in terms of academic content and the instructors are the same. It is the same degree as the one on-campus. I was apprehensive about combining work and study as I know EIT is very serious about attendance, but I quickly realized that the online methodology is very flexible. 

Once I started the online studies, I found out that it was scheduled in a way that there were two classes on the lecture day, of which both were recorded. You can then still achieve attendance by writing a summary of the recorded class. The academic team members were ready to respond to any of my academic issues very quickly so I felt supported throughout the two online units.

Felix at the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition

What made you decide to apply for on-campus studying?

Because my online experience was amazing and I loved the EIT’s approach, I was interested in transitioning to on-campus. I have always been interested in Australian culture, and I found the opportunity given by the Australian Government for the post-study work rights after studies very appealing. 

After completing two units online, I decided to apply to complete the remaining units with EIT on-campus in Perth in Western Australia. As EIT online and on-campus are the same accredited programs it was a very easy transition to move on-campus.

What was your experience with the visa process to apply to study with EIT in Australia?

It was a very smooth process thanks to the entire EIT team and my Education Agent who were available to guide me from the start of my application all the way to the lodgment of my student visa application.

What have been the key benefits to starting online and continuing on-campus?

The per-unit fee for the online mode of delivery from your home country is more affordable than the on-campus per unit fee. This allowed me to reduce my overall tuition fees.

The support you receive as an online student is amazing! When I did my online units, I felt very supported by the Learning Support Officers, especially in challenging times as they always respond as quickly as possible. The online methodology is very interactive and you have a live and personal experience dealing with the instructors.

I was able to credit the units I have completed online so that I don’t have to complete them on-campus.

I felt more engaged and immersed when I started my studies on-campus as I already knew what to expect and what it was like to study with EIT. It was a very easy transition for me.

How have you found studying on-campus?

I feel happy and fulfilled studying on-campus. EIT met my expectations wonderfully. They have excellent team members; both academic and non-academic, who made me feel relaxed, comfortable and at home as soon as I arrived.

What are your plans after the completion of your degree?

I am looking forward to gaining work experience in Australia and being admitted as a member of the prestigious Engineers Australia.

Just like Felix, the current travel restrictions don’t mean that you have to pause your education and delay achieving your career goals. Studying with EIT allows you the opportunity to begin your studies online from anywhere in the world and then switch to on-campus in Australia. There is an overall cost saving by beginning online from your home country and then continuing on-campus.

Like EIT’s on-campus programs, our online higher education programs are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency.

We are excited to see the bright future that is ahead of Felix! Please contact your Education Agent or EIT directly for more information if you are interested to start your journey with EIT online before moving to on-campus in Australia,

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