on September 29th, 2021

A key aspect of the Engineering Institute of Technology’s (EIT) unique delivery methodology are our remote and virtual labs. We are committed to ensuring that all students, online and on-campus, acquire the practical skills and confidence necessary to put theory into practice.

Through our lab hosting platform, EIT students can connect to lab computers in real-time. Students then gain secure and free online access to specialized education and industrial engineering software and hardware which are used in practical assessments throughout EIT programs.

You can find out more about practical learning at EIT by clicking here.

About the Demo

From booking a lab to interacting with simulation software, this demo allows you to experience practical learning as an EIT student and how you would interact with our remote and virtual labs.

Our remote and virtual labs are hosted primarily in Perth, Australia, but additional labs are located in Johannesburg and London. Utilizing the Electromeet scheduling system, you are able to pre-book exclusive access to the required labs.

How to Use

This video utilizes interactive features to help you learn about EIT's remote and virtual labs. Press the buttons that appear during the video to experience what an EIT student would see when undergoing their practical learning.

Try it out below today!

This experience is best viewed on desktop.

Interested in finding out more?

We recently held a live webinar that provided a detailed overview of our unique remote labs and demonstrated various examples of them. You can view the recording of this webinar here.

Whether you are studying online or on-campus in Australia, our supportive blended learning model and small class sizes allow you to advance your technical knowledge and remain engaged in your studies, while forming global networks and balancing life and work commitments.

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