on August 29th, 2023

The conference delved into the forefront of hydrogen’s potential and safety considerations, shedding light on its dynamic applications and critical risk management strategies.

In the city of Perth, Western Australia, the Hydrogen Society & Hazardous Areas Conference hosted 103 delegates, 15 speakers, and five sponsors. The conference was very timely given the number of proposed hydrogen projects underway in Western Australia and Australia.

The Hydrogen Safety and Hazardous Areas conference organized by IDC Technologies, EIT’s sister company, showcased knowledge and collaboration brought together by experts and industry players shedding light on all the multifaceted aspects relating to Hydrogen Safety and Hazardous Areas.

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The Conference Sessions

The day started with Professor Peta Ashworth OAM, a keynote presenter, who delved into the realm of “Realizing Hydrogen’s Decarbonization Potential for Australia.” This set the tone for the day with insight into public attitudes to hydrogen through a number of engagement activities revealing some key findings. 

Hydrogen, here, there and everywhere!

The conference continued with vigor with presentations on hydrogen blending, exploring the dynamic realm of Hydrogen applications across the Asia Pacific region, investigating intricate Hydrogen Hazardous Case Studies, and discussions on the popular topic of compliance. Of particular note, the engagement with Western Australian regulators provided insights for delegates into understanding standards and regulations governing Hydrogen projects here in WA.

Day two continued with keynote speaker Michael Marrington, a renowned Hazardous Areas Professional who journeyed from Hungary to share his knowledge and expertise. Marrington’s insights into hydrogen creation, storage, and transportation of hydrogen were laced with practical wisdom, emphasizing industry best practices. Marrington will also be speaking at the South African conference.

The agenda further featured topics such as hydrogen leakage, project development, and design, insights into internal explosions, and nuances of placarding under the new work health and safety code of conduct, the final presentation was delivered by Energy Skills Queensland on Safety Culture through Training and Leadership.

Exceptional Presenters: Voices That Inspire  

  • Professor Peta Ashworth OAM (Director, Curtin Institute for Energy Transition)
  • Tim Aujard (AGIG)
  • David Cavanagh (Integrated Energy)
  • Derek Cross (GEXCON)
  • Travis Stewart (Zero Industries)
  • Anitha Gandhi (Building and Energy Division – Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety)
  • Steve Emery (Hydrogen and Alternate Energy Safety Dangerous Goods and Critical Risks Directorate)
  • Carmello (Cem) Novella (Static Electricity)
  • Michael Marrington (IndEx – Hazardous Area Ex Professionals)
  • Satiesh Muniandy (Draeger)
  • Joel Albertson (Iris Engineering)
  • Jatinder Ahuja (Project Management Vision)
  • Shrikant Kilkari (Project Management Vision)
  • Julian Annett Chee (GEXCON)
  • Vince Pececca (Risk Management Technologies)
  • Jakes Jacobs (Energy Skills Queensland)

Delegates received a comprehensive conference manual comprising compiled papers and slide decks from each speaker. This invaluable resource facilitated a deeper understanding of each subject discussed, empowering delegates to seamlessly integrate newfound insights into their professional endeavors.

The Perth conference stands as a testament to the commitment to fostering excellence in the dynamic domain of hydrogen safety. The collaboration of experts, the exchange of ideas, and the quest for knowledge mark a significant step forward in harnessing the potential of hydrogen while ensuring its safe utilization.

Looking ahead with fervor, we anticipate the conference in South Africa this December, where yet another nation, thirsting for comprehensive knowledge on hydrogen, will come together to comprehend its latent potential and inherent risks.

The success of the Perth conference owes much to the generous support of its sponsors and exhibitors. A heartfelt thank you to:

As the focus shifts to the upcoming Hydrogen Safety & Hazardous Areas conference in South Africa in December, the journey of exploration and collaboration continues. For more details about the program, please click here.

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