on November 22nd, 2021

An integral part of the Engineering Institute of Technology's (EIT) Bachelor of Science programs are the final year projects. Undertaken during the third year of study, the individual and group capstone projects are the culminating experience of these engineering programs.

EIT On-Campus - Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) students Komaldeep Kaur, Choki Dorji, and Uvesh Deewan recently presented their final year project. The technical project work comprised of rationale, scoping, research, theory, computation, experimentation, design, testing, and refinements.

Electrical engineering students with their final year project

Crops need to be processed and preserved in times of their abundance to ensure life and species sustainability in times of scarcity. Solar dryers are used to eliminate the moisture content from crops, vegetables, and fruits.

The main aim of their final year electrical engineering project was to design and prototype an experimental solar dryer. To improve the dryer's efficiency, a single-axis solar tracker of the sun has been added to the system. In detail, all the codes have been programmed in Arduino, and a stepper motor is used to track the sun.

A solar tracking system helps maximize solar production by following the sun throughout the day. When solar panels are exposed to sunlight, the angle at which the sun's rays meet the surface of the solar panel determines how well the panel can convert the incoming light into electricity.

The narrower the angle, the more energy a photovoltaic panel can produce. Solar trackers help to minimize this angle by working to orient panels so that light strikes them perpendicular to their surface.

Well done to Komaldeep, Choki, and Uvesh on their well-deserved achievement!

Final electrical engineering student project, solar dryer
EIT electrical engineering students and staff with final year project

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