on May 13th, 2022

A group of lecturers and students from the EIT Melbourne Campus Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) program visited Elenium Automation in May.

This visit showed the practical science of AI technologies and covered self-help automation at airports, and how these technologies are improving user experiences.

Elenium Automation is an Australian AI success story, having entered the market with VYGR. The system is a touchless check-in biometric suite for passengers to control parts of their journey easily.

The suite’s airport automation is focused on remote check-in functionality, touchless bag drop, and automated boarding for passengers.

Another product from the company is FaceWay, where passenger selfies can be turned into a stress-free boarding pass.

These automated technologies are highly intuitive and give insight into how multiple channels can be used to improve safety and address ease of access.

The Elenium team showed some of the hardware used in their automation systems for airports.
The Elenium team showed some of the automation systems for airports.

Elenium’s fiber is rooted in science with physicists, mechatronic and mechanical engineers taking the helm of creating their products.

But it’s also more diverse than that.

There are even, video game developers and experts in program delivery at home here to create well-rounded automation to disrupt the legacy systems that are often still used in the airport and airline space.

During EIT’s visit, we were shown the company’s operation by their Chief Executive Officer Aaron Hornlimann, Chief Operating Officer Fred Melki, and the Chief Engineer Jade Cornell that has made this system possible and viable.

EIT on-campus Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) student Gizem “Gee” Celebi Tutuk has also commenced an internship with Elenium. This is part of EIT’s Work-Integrated Learning Program for students at a Master of Engineering level.

We are looking forward to Gee completing her 240 hours as part of the EIT Work Integrated Learning Program where she will gain practical and technical experience as well as essential skills.

EIT’s Work-Integrated Learning Program incorporates paid or unpaid internships, site visits, contributing to industry projects, and networking activities.

When undertaking an internship, students are able to interact with employees and become exposed to organizational policy and culture.

EIT lecturers at Elenium
The Elenium team showed the team from EIT Melbourne around during the site visit.
student tries self help automation
EIT student Gizem “Gee” Celebi Tutuk (centre) tries some of the Elenium products.
EIT Melbourne site visit
EIT Melbourne staff and students during the first site visit for 2022.

It also offers students the possibility of familiarizing themselves with organizational communication procedures, and a variety of engineering disciplines.

In the end, students are able to complete their degree with insight and practical aptitude in projects from the planning phase to completion.

If you already have some work experience in the relevant engineering field, you may apply to have credit granted by completing the associated

EIT is looking forward to the prospect of more interns and site visits as the EIT/Elenium partnership grows.

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